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  1. Maikurosofuto

    Question DDR4 Chip and 10700K Overclocking Help.

    Hi, I have two questions to ask. I am trying to find out what the chip of my memory is and if these voltages are good. I have two TF3D48G2666HC15B01, which is 2666 CL15-17-17-35 1.2V with XMP enabled, i was able to do a quick stable OC to 2933 CL15-18-18-36 1.3V. I tried rising the voltage a...
  2. Viocristi

    [SOLVED] VCCIO VCCSA auto absurd values - 10900k

    Hi there, I am running a 10900k on a z490 asus strix gaming E motherboard, got 32 gb ram 4400 MHz cl19 Patriot Viper. I did a manual oc to 5.1 ghz on the board (bios), and adjusted the timings of the ram because the system won't boot with xmp profile (see attached). The problem is, the...
  3. willyburns

    [SOLVED] Memory overclock not working? Problem with XMP.

    Yo, I'm having a problem getting the rated 3200MHz out of my 'Corsair Vengeance RGB (4x32GB)' on a new BIOS revision where previously everything was fine. I have an ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme and XMP was working fine with BIOS 2002; however, after updating to 3006, I cannot get my RAM to boot...
  4. D

    Question ASUS Maximus Hero XI WiFi Cold Boot XMP

    Hi, i have a Maximus Hero XI WiFi. When i have the PC unplugged and then i plug it and, obviouly, i do a cold boot it powers up, then shuts down and then powers up again. I read in some forums with no luck till today. Setting the XMP profile do that, but if i change the CPU VCCIO voltage and the...