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    Question Vga led on and no boot, but rma said nothing is wrong

    Hi everyone I have a problem with my gpu. In July I bought myself a Ryzen 5 3600 and an MSI B450 Tomahawk to upgrade my PC. My original PC consisted of: • Intel i5 7600k • Asus Prime Z270-A • Asus RX580 Strix 8GB • EVGA Supernova 650 G3 I sold the i5 and the Z270 and replaced them with the...
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    Question When i boot my pc it sometimes doesn't give input and vga LED is lit

    I have recently build my first pc and when i tried to turn it on it my monitor said no signal. When i tried again a few minutes later it did boot up normally. It isn't a major problem, but having to reset my pc 2-3 times every time i want to use it gets annoying quickly. I did notice that the...
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    Question Game crashed and then pc won't boot, looks to be a graphics card problem

    TLDR: My pc crashed whilst i was playing overwatch and wouldn't boot, motherboard light indicates a gpu problem I recently changed over my motherboard and had to reinstall pretty much all my components.I turned the pc on and used it for a few hours yesterday with no issues (except my HDD not...
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    [SOLVED] RTX card won't fit in motherboard.

    This is my current motherboard: I currently have a GTX 980ti ASUS strix in it, and it has functioned and fit fine for the past 2 years. I recently got the RTX 2080 ASUS strix...
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    upper mid range pc build

    hey people, so im looking to build an upper mid range pc for (hopefully) $1600, without a monitor and without a graphics card since I already have both. Keep in mind this is canadian dollars I'm thinking of starting with an i5-8400 with a hyper 212 evo fan which would run me roughly $300 for...
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    Help building a gaming rig

    I am going to buy this build next week can you computer genius' tell me if there's any cost effective improvements I could make? And if it will all be compatible here are my specs Intel i5 6600k processor Asus Z170-A Intel skylake Sli/CrossFire ATX Motherboard 240gb SSD & 1tb HDD &16 GB (2x...
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    PC won't reboot unless motherboard disconnected and reconnected from PSU

    I built a new PC this past weekend, and it runs perfectly when it boots up (I'm posting this from it). But when I shut it down I am not able to boot it up again without opening up the case, disconnecting the power cable from the PSU to the motherboard and then reconnecting it. After that...
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    NH-D15 Fans Question

    Hi guys, long time lurker here. I have a Fractal R4 case and a Noctua NH-D15 cooler for my Z77 Extreme 4 motherboard. With my current fan setup, the second PWM fan on the cooler (above the RAM) is blowing air towards the back of the case, with the fan in the middle of the cooler doing the...
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    New Keyboard Opinions

    Hello everyone, my keyboard is broken, so I would like your opinions on what keyboard I should get. This is by the way for general use and for gaming so please tell me what keyboards you like and if you can tell me what you like about it, and please leave a link to where I can get it. Thanks!