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  1. S

    Question Kernal_security_check_failure bluescreen sometimes whenever I play any game after plugging in new mouse

    I accidentally spilt milk on my mouse a month or so ago and it wouldn't click right anymore, so I ordered exactly the same model off of Ebay to replace since it seemed to be discontinued. (iMICE x7). My very new computer which is less then 6 months old since I built it from scratch myself (first...
  2. NexusPortal

    [SOLVED] Blue Screens, Access Violations, Crashes and insanity.

    So for the last couple months I have been trying to find and solve the issue that has been plaguing me since I got my PC brand new around march. Everything worked perfectly, I could play VRChat perfectly fine without issue for a whole day and everything. Then about a month after it slowly...
  3. Halo11702

    Question GPU not using 100% Only in VR

    I've had VR for a long time and thought that my 1080 just wasnt enough for VR so I just had to deal with it. But the other day I was playing VRChat and someone said that there fps was a solid 90fps With a 1060 while I was struggling to keep 30fps!! I went to go check and sure enough, 30-40%usage...