Sep 17, 2016
I've had VR for a long time and thought that my 1080 just wasnt enough for VR so I just had to deal with it. But the other day I was playing VRChat and someone said that there fps was a solid 90fps With a 1060 while I was struggling to keep 30fps!! I went to go check and sure enough, 30-40%usage on my GPU and about 40-70%usage (max) On each individual core. I have been researching and nothing has helped so far. I'm really stumped as to what I should do. Ever 2D pc game runs just fine, but VR seems to not want to use my GPU.

Furmark at 1080p got a score of 7769 GPU
Cinebench R15 got a score of 1639 CPU
Cinabench R15 OpenGL Only got a score of 92.49 (Weird cause my old 970 got a score of 110.41)

When I disables motion smoothing it helped a little but it didnt change my GPU usage. Turned reprojection off and the game stutters like all hell but then my GPU goes up to about 80-85% MAX But the FPS is still between 60-75 MAX.

Temps never go over 65C on GPU and CPU

Ryzen 1700 OC - 3.8GHZ
Asus strix GTX 1080
Asus B350-F Strix Motherboard
Corsair 2x8gb 3200mhz PRO
4x 1TB Western Digital Black
1x240gb SSD Kingston (Boot Drive)
4xRGB Uphere Fans.
EVGA 650W Gold

OG Vive
2 remotes
3 pucks

Do note too, for some reason my camera never seems to want to work on my VIVE, Seems like its too low of USB bandwidth? Don't know if that has to do with anything.

- EDIT: I reset windows and nothing changed except for my camera on my VIVE started working again. :/

List of things I've tried -
-SMT - disabled
-SMT - Auto
-Changing priority in task manager to realtime on VRChat
-Overclocking GPU (nothing changed)
-Disabling my CPU overclock (nothing changed)
-Windows set to High performance
-Nvidia control panel restore/max performance
-Taking out my USB 3.0 card
-Re-seating the GPU
-Disabling/Enabling Motion Smoothing
-Disabling/Enabling Reprojection
-Disabling/Enabling Async
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Sep 17, 2016
Please, someone, help me. I really don't want to buy a new Graphics card right now. Nor do I have the money for a new Graphics card right now. If it's dead/dying please let me know so I can start saving.

Did some more testing with GPU - Z and Vrel is constantly on when playing VR games.

The voltage never goes over 1.0500V and usually stays at 0.8500V
Max wattage usage is 70ish% at 99W
The power limit is at 120% in msi afterburner which makes no difference. Also, the core Mhz seems to drop to 1671mhz frequently.

And when I was playing BF1 the GPU was not at 90+ % Usage. I know It's kinda a CPU heavy game but my CPU never goes over 50% usage unless I'm really stressing my pc (Benchmarks). Thought I would mention that not every 2D game actually uses my GPU to 100% but most 2D games do.

And by 2D I mean on a monitor, not in VR.
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