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  1. joaogaviolir

    Question RTX 3070 running very below average performance

    I ran some benchmarks (UserBenchmark and PassMark) and they both tell me that my pc is running below its capacity, compared to other similar PCs. More specifically, the problem seems to be with the graphics card. I have a Ryzen 5 5500 with a RTX 3070 (I know there is bottleneck in this...
  2. S

    Question Terrible performance and stuttering on new gaming build ?

    Ever since I built my pc in 2021, it has always underperformed when it comes to gaming. I started with some lower end parts and built up to what I have now which is much better and I continue to experience major lag and stutters in games. I have tried everything I could think of such as...
  3. L

    Question Low GPU/CPU Usage and Low Framerates

    PC specs: Motherboard: Prime B-550M-A CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: NVIDIA 3060 TI RAM: 4x4 GB DDR4 running at 2133 MHz PSU: not sure, i can get it if it will help UserBenchmark: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/66284823 I have low FPS compared to other systems, not sure why and I can't...
  4. T1Dolo

    Question Games laggy & constant stuttering - - - how to fix ?

    Recently my PC went to [vulgarity redacted] and won't let me play any games. I get under 30fps and constant stuttering. Can anyone help me. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/64323648 Components: Processor intel Core i7-10700K U3E1, 1 CPU, 8 cores, 16 threads Base clock 3.8 GHz, turbo 0.45...
  5. sinshock555

    Question Graphics driver doesn't load or work properly, but I suspect it's not the GPU's fault, details in the description. Help!

    So I've been having this problem for years without ever figuring out the answer. Sometimes when I boot up the PC, it feels like the graphic driver for my GPU didn't even load, GPU fans don't spin at all, and I get like 10 FPS, and I need to restart the machine for it to work properly again...
  6. B

    Question What could cause RTX 4080 to not use full power in games?

    Hey all, I have an issue with my less than half a year old GPU. Using DDU to wipe drivers and reinstalling makes it work until the next time I restart my PC. The issue is that in games the GPU uses less than 60% TDP depending on the game, on some games even less than 10% if they're less...
  7. Sim33

    Question Asus ROG Strix 3080 crashes and low performance

    Hello! I'm having an issue with my GPU. It started a few weeks ago: my screen freeze for seemingly no reason then the PC restarts. The strange thing is that it only happened while I was watching videos or I did 3D modeling in Fusion 360. Sometimes I had a few second black screen in games. When...
  8. HawaiiGG

    [SOLVED] Xeon Cpu is Extremely Underperforming

    I recently bought the GA-H61M-S1 (rev. 2.0) my cpu is the Xeon E3-1220-V2 and when i tried doing a userbenchmark and or any other benchmark i was getting extremely worrying performance. I ran the intel diagnostic tool to make sure the cpu wasnt a scam. it passed. so now im wondering what...
  9. bz73

    [SOLVED] Weird gpu

    So I have a lenovo legion 5 with rtx 3060 mobile and its not performing very well. When I play roblox max gaph I get under 60 fps. When I play minecraft I get stutters. When I play fifa the temp is 84 degree. Does anyone know how to fix this. I am very tired of this, I keep getting low...
  10. Nick C.

    Question High End Pc but Low performance in games

    Hello everybody! Before i state what is the problem, i will leave my specs: I9-9900K RTX 3080 STRIX OC 10 GB 16 GBs of RAM 3600 HyperX Z390 AORUS ELITE Motherboard PSU should be Cooler Master Gold 750 W (not 100% sure) SSD Samsung Evo nvME 2.0 1TB Sorry if i didn't type something correctly...
  11. Curesto

    Question GPU only running at PCI-E 1.1x1 in PCI-E 1.1x16 slot.

    Hello there. I have AMD Radeon R9 280X graphics card. I have old system. Motherboard model is: Asus P5LD2-X/1333. It has PCI-E 1.1x16 slot But my graphics card only running at x1 which causes serious performance loses. About %40-50 peformance loss. My old motherboard died. GPU was running at...
  12. Rostropovich

    Question Weird performance loss when some programs are open ?

    Hey, After I've switched to Windows 11 I've started experiencing some weird performance issues when I open some programs. The problem manifests itself as a drop in FPS while I'm on the desktop. It is very noticeable because the mouse pointer starts moving as if missing frames and when I drag...
  13. M

    Question my laptop is acting weird all of the sudden

    my laptop stopped using the cpu and gpu when im running games, and thus i only get 1fps in most of them. how can i fix this, everything used to run fine until a month ago
  14. Chaos13

    [SOLVED] GPU is Not Getting Power

    Hey! I recently bought a new notebook (Asus Vivobook 15) with GeForce MX 330 GPU. The problem is my GPU is not powering up. I installed msi afterburner a couple days ago and found that the power consumption of the GPU is 0 W. Even though the power consumption is 0 somehow the temp, usage and...
  15. I

    Question RTX 3070FE ~30% usage while i7-7700K is at ~50% ?

    I've been struggling to figure out why my RTX 3070 card has been performing terribly in VR. Pavlov VR runs at 50-70FPS on high settings and Half Life: Alyx barely runs at 30-40 FPS on low. I've tried every fix I could other than downgrading drivers, overclocking or a full re-install of Windows...
  16. I

    Question Low performance on black ops cold war with RTX 3070 card and i7 7700k CPU (normal benchmarks)

    Hello, I recently purchased an RTX card (I got lucky on newegg). I've been doing some testing with it, and so far it doesn't disappoint. However, I compared COD Black ops Cold War YouTube benchmarks with the FPS I was getting, and I noticed a significant different: I was approximately 90-100 fps...
  17. T

    Question Frustrating Stutter and Fps drops so much

    Hello everyone i am new here i know about computers since i've been working with them most of my life. But i have a problem i feel like every stutter, freeze and fps drop happens cause of my ram but i wanted to ask about it to the pros here thanks in advance. My system: İntel Xeon e5450 3.00 ghz...
  18. dopexx22

    Question Too low performance with fps in games (especially warzone)

    Hey guys! This is my first post in this forum. I recently bought a gaming pc. all parts put together by myself. I play most of the time cod warzone with around 80-90 FPS on Graphic setting on low. How can i fix that? I really want that 144Hz mark. Monitor AOC C24G1, 23.6" CPU-Cooler...
  19. Pivor

    Question Microstuttering and low FPS on Apex Legends with high-end PC (stock i7-4790k + RX 5700XT)

    Hello brothers, I have a problem I'm dealing since i brought my pc, i thought that my pc is beast, but it seems like it lack performance. When I play any games i got random framedrops, stuttering and low fps in majority gameplay. My Spec: MSI Gaming 5 z97 (prob best for my CPU, updated BIOS)...
  20. V

    Question Is my graphics card meant to be like this?

    Hello. I recently bought a new gaming laptop, and I am not impressed with the results at all. Very frustrated, i've spent 2 weeks trying to find a fix to this problem, but nothing is working. I feel like the only thing to do left is reinstall windows, which I really, really do not want to do...
  21. D


    Hello, i have a problem. I get stutters in all games that i've played on my pc. I've tried practically everything but i still have stutters in games. My specs Motherboard: gigabyte ga-a320m-s2h Cpu: ryzen 3 3200g Gpu: rx 570 armor 8g oc edition Power supply: cooler master elite v3 600w Ram: 8...
  22. S

    Question Laptop tremendously lagging

    I have been noticing from a month that my Laptop's performance has gone down drastically. Earlier I was able to play Far Cry Primal at medium settings and 1080p without any lag, but now even Far Cry 3 lags on lowest settings and 720p. What should I do, please help. :confused2::confused2:
  23. T

    [SOLVED] CPU (i7 8700) Performing way below expectations (6th percentile)

    I just ran a UserBenchmark Test of my PC to check components after installing a new GPU. I found that my CPU is "Performing way below expectations (6th percentile)". Appreciate any advice on how I can fix this. Is my CPU faulty? Many thanks in advance...
  24. A

    Question Low Performance with really good PC

    Hello! I've been having problems such as low frames/stuttering with my PC for so long. I've replaced every single part of my PC in order to find where the problem is, but the problems keep on happening. My Specs: EVGA 2080ti ASUS z390-A PRIME G.SKILL TridentZ 16GB 3200 465GB Samsung SSD 970...
  25. MarleyPRO2129

    Question Laptop with 2070 getting 20fps on minecraft

    Hi, I have a laptop by MSI (GE75 Raider 8SF) and it is performing very poorly. I have tested it in many games and it has not performed as it should, getting around 50 fps in far cry 5 (1080p lowest settings) and down to 20 fps in Minecraft with optifine at lowest settings. I have reached out to...
  26. jeeven18

    [SOLVED] GTX 1060, i7, 16gb can't run more than 40fps on minecraft

    I've recently just received my MSI gaming laptop, the exact wording of the laptop from where I purchased it is - MSI GF72 17.3" Intel Core i7 8750H Nvidia Geforce GTX 106 (6gb) Gaming Laptop . (It has GDDR5 16gb ram) I bought this laptop from amazon, so I had to install the drivers when it got...
  27. L

    [SOLVED] Random Low Frames and Stuttering on 1080ti / 8700K Rig

    Hey, I have a pretty peculiar issue. So, I’d say about 1 week ago I noticed that my performance in all games tanked hard. I have been troubleshooting since last night and at this point, I really cannot figure this out on my own. So basically, my game performance prior to this issue was perfect...
  28. G

    [SOLVED] PC lags/stutters at even 30% cpu load (i9)

    Hello guys, there is this stuttering/lagging problem with my system, when I e.g. watch a YT video, and I have a few tabs open in the meantime, the video and generally the whole pc starts to have performance issues (the video / sound lags, the display seems to be running at 15 fps etc.). I have...
  29. Halo11702

    Question GPU not using 100% Only in VR

    I've had VR for a long time and thought that my 1080 just wasnt enough for VR so I just had to deal with it. But the other day I was playing VRChat and someone said that there fps was a solid 90fps With a 1060 while I was struggling to keep 30fps!! I went to go check and sure enough, 30-40%usage...
  30. Danieldebruin

    Question High end pc low performance battlefield 3

    Hello, I just started playing Battlefield 3 again on PC. I'm getting really low FPS. Last game between 20-50. My setup is GTX 980 i7-7700k 16GB Ram I've updated my GPU/CPU drivers. I checked the nvidia control panel 3D settings. I optimized the game in Nvidia Geforce Experience. Also...
  31. K

    Question Low performance on GTX1050

    Hello, I have had this issue since I bought the graphics card. I have an fx6300 paired with a Zotac GTX1050 . i have seen in games like GTA 5 where they get 40-60 fps on ULTRA on 1080p, but I play on 1366x768 and I get 40-60 fps on low settings. I also have this issue in other games where I...
  32. B

    Question Extremely Low CPU speeds ?

    Hello, A while back, I posted a question on this forum regarding, "Low CPU speeds while playing certain games - especially BF4". I tried everything that I was told but wasn't able to fix the problem. So, I let it be. It's just BF4. Fast Forward - 3 days later ... I cant even watch a Youtube...
  33. S

    Question Need advice on a built.

    Hello everyone, I am looking to build a pc for my shop which can run an epos software on windows 10 and run basic Microsoft office word. Epos software doesn't require that much power as its currently run on an old dell desktop (thinkcentre type) running windows xp on 512mb ram i think. I want...
  34. LedaOhio9

    Help needed with iSPY and SRICAM SP008 setup.

    Good morning! I bought a Sricam SP008 and it works fine with the software that comes with it but, the packaged software does not have motion detection. I bought this specific camera because it was listed within iSPY as a supported camera type and yet, it is not working. Here are some screen...
  35. AleksiDj52

    How to see my device on safe mode? Windows 10

    Hello everyone. My PC died 4 days ago due to hard drive's problems (ill buy a new SSD the one that died was HDD). Well i cant log in normally and boot everything as usual but i can boot to safe mode. I've tried formatting with USB but no luck (i did not erase everything just reinstalled Windows...
  36. D

    how to find whats on my external hard drive

    I have both my laptop and pc backed up on my WE 1TB external harddrive. But how do i find what I want...seems like it's a series of numbered files. HELP!
  37. M

    Where can i get a windows 7 key

    where can i get a windows 7 key from a reliable source so i don't waste my money
  38. Ferrariassassin

    Would a GTX 1080 be powerful enough to play Fallout 4 on medium settings at 720p?

    I have a 980Ti as of now and i get around 30FPS average on Fallout 4 even when all settings are on as low as they can go and at 720p and with no mods. I want to be able to get a stable 60FPS at 720p with medium settings and was wondering if a 1080 or two 1080's in SLI would be able to handle...
  39. J

    Dead PSU or GPU?

    Not sure where to post this, feel free to move if it's in the wrong section. I don't really know how to explain this issue (scroll down for shorter version of the story), my entire system suddenly crashed and I was unable to start the computer again after that (by unable to start I mean nothing...
  40. C

    Windows 10 Error - page fault in nonpaged area atikmdag.sys

    After my computer goes to sleep and I wake it up, I get a "page fault in nonpaged area atikmdag.sys" blue screen. This has only happened since I updated to Windows 10. Does anyone know what may be causing this problem? Thank you very much.