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  1. R

    Good time to buy a 1080?

    I know there's never a "good time" to buy a card but are there any potential price drops or new releases on the horizon? I can wait until the end of May before just picking up a 1080. I live in Canada if that makes a difference.
  2. H

    Unreal Engine 4.15 Provides Early Support For Nintendo Switch

    The update also includes multiple features such as output to HDR displays and alternate frame rendering for Nvidia GPUs in SLI. Unreal Engine 4.15 Provides Early Support For Nintendo Switch : Read more
  3. S

    I want to Split 5.1 surround connections on receiver to allow 2 devices to use the surround sound theatre system

    1. I have an old 5.1 surround receiver (Technics sa-ax720). 2. I have front, rear and center speakers connected to it. 3. My dvd player has 5.1 connections which currently connect to the receivers 5.1connections and I get great surround sound. 4. My android box connects to my tv via HDMI. 5. My...
  4. O

    is my 3570k too hot?

    I have a 3570k and i think it´s running too hot. When i played far cry 3 for 10 mins it reached 75 degrees celsius is that too hot? I am using the stock heatsink and it´s not overclocked. Edit: after playing far cry 3 for about 30 mins the cpu reaches 91 degrees.
  5. F

    GTX 1080 questions!

    So I've been heavily considering buying the 1080 being that Cyber Monday is coming up, but there's a few things I want to know before buying. I currently have a Z97 motherboard. Would that be compatible with the 1080? I have a i5 devils canyon quad core with 3.5 clock speed. Would that be a...
  6. R

    Partitioning my HD

    I have a 1Tb hard drive running on a Windows 10, 64bit machine. I want to partition the Drive. I clicked through "File Explorer" to get to "Disk Management". At the "Disk Management" window, a "Disk 0 Basic" is displayed showing 931Gb (with partitions of 300Mb recovery, 99Mb EFI system, 930Gb...
  7. K

    older alienware m14r2 for gaming.

    Hello everyone I have a question. I'm buying a laptop to play games like nomans sky,rust,and mine craft super nodded. I absolutely love the look of this alienware. But is it enough to make a crazy nodded mine craft? And play these games? I almost never get full Answers on here. So if you could...
  8. Hellno187

    What motherboard is best to pair with my AMD 8350 for under $150?

    I've seen quite a few threads regarding this, but most are old (probably because the processor is old) and I'm looking for some new opinions on this. I had bought a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD (despite some of the bad reviews), but I found the reviews...
  9. S

    Similar Motherboards Like Intel DH55TC

    Hi guys! I am currently using the Intel DH55TC mboard and the sad thing about this board is that it is not accepting a new udimm 4b 1333 frq ddr3 ram that i bought. I want to buy a new mboard wid similar specs so that i can use the new ram along with my old one. The old ram is 4gb too. Same...
  10. I

    Difficult download win 10

    I believe is a software issue with win 8 disk i had for years. I replaced nearly all hardware mb mem cpu video card psu a hard drive. The only i had not replace is my win install disk which i had problems installing everytime. I took my pc to my local pc repair and said it could a number of...
  11. D

    What should I upgrade? CPU or GPU?

    Currently I have an AMD FX-4300, a GTX 750 ti, a regular hard drive, and I'm going to get a 250gb Samsung 850 evo soon. Should I get an intel cpu like the i5-4690k or i5-4590 or a new gpu like a Nvidia gtx 960 or something like that? I also mainly play the game called osu! and just browse the...
  12. U

    Low Fps Problem

    Recently, I have been experience low fps in all games and some occasional stuttering. Could a fragmented disk cause this problem? If there are any other issues that could cause low fps, please reply. Thanks.
  13. M

    4770k + enermax t40 + z87m-d3h (4 phases)

    Hi guys, my rig 4770k Z87m-d3h 2* 8gb 1600 780gtx ti V650 coolermaster The mobo is only 4 phases, its safe to over clock (4.5)? If not, if I undervolt and use 4ghz its OK?
  14. JerrWolf

    Will these all work together?

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117402 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130796 The RAM I have is 1600 Corsair Vengeance RAM, I don't remember exactly what it is, but its 1600 16GB and I'm 80% sure DDR3,(back in like 2013 is when I got it)...
  15. J

    My Buffalo PXU2 500GB External Hard Disk Shows as only Local Disk in My Computer and I can't access it. Pls help. Thanks.

    Dear Friends, I was transferring some files from my PC hard disk to my external hard disk when suddenly, the power supply was cut, and the PC was shut off. When I restored the power supply again, the external hard disk only shows up as Local Disk (i), and I can't access it. I have important...
  16. exfileme

    Zotac Steam Machine Will Have Intel Skylake CPU

    Zotac is launching a Steam Machine later this year. Zotac Steam Machine Will Have Intel Skylake CPU : Read more
  17. N

    amazon or overclockers

    i'm gonna build a gaming pc and buying the parts from amazon costs about £450(with an ssd) + £70 delivery in about 5-10 days but buying the parts from overclockers costs £450(without an ssd) + £80 delivery in only 1 day... where is the best site to buy the parts?
  18. E

    Can my computer run Shadow of Mordor?

    Shadow of Mordor came out and I want to know if I should buy it on my PC. My specs: GPU: GTX 770 CPU: Intel Core i5 4690K Processor overclocked to up to 4.3GHz RAM: 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3 Memory SSHD: 1TB Just want to know if it's worth it.
  19. F

    graphic card help

    what is gigabyte wf3, on graphics cards i always see manufacturers as gigabyte and gigabye wf 3. also is gainward a good graph and what are your thoughts 2gb gtx 760 or r9 2280