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  1. D

    Question PC Stuttering in games or while watching videos

    Hi all. :) Well as the title says it I have a new PC and in the past few months it has been stuttering at random moments either while playing games or watching videos or while doing both. I have a dual monitor setup so I tend to play and watch videos at the same time allot but this also...
  2. WolfAlvein

    Question Can't install Windows 10 on an M.2 SATA SSD ?

    Hi All good morning. So I have a big problem with my PC, currently I'm trying to reinstall Windows 10 into it since I tried to activate the TPM 2.0 that comes with my Motherboard to see if I could update to Win 11, but when I did that the PC started to stutter all the time and to freeze up...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] Can i do a fresh Windows 10 Pro install, and STILL keep my files?

    Hello, Can I install a Fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro on my existing Windows 10 Home, and still keep my files the way they are? Programs? Shortcuts?? Thank You, Nick