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  1. clsrunner03

    Question Can't download Windows 10 onto SSD for boot drive, just reboots and makes me go through it agian in a loop

    So I recently bought a 500gb nvme m.2 ssd, the Samsung 970 evo and I'm trying to clean install Windows 10 onto it with a USB stick. But after I go through the download process and it reboots, instead of going to cortana, it brings back the install screen. I don't think this counts as a boot loop...
  2. waqassaleem378

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to play Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare without Graphic card?

    I have Dell Latitude E7240 with 4GB/256GB SSD - Intel Core i7 4600U @ 2.10GHz - Generic PnP Monitor (1366x768@60Hz). I am a web developer in the profession and I started playing in my extra time. i don't have much idea what kind of system needs to play COD 4. well this is working fine on my...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] Please help I can't boot to windows 7

    I can't boot up my windows 7 hard drive, it just keeps sending me to my SSD which has windows 10. I don't really know how this happened, but after I used the help of the people that commented to me on this post...
  4. quintonputter

    Question AC Odyssey crashes since upgrading Win 7 to 10

    So I recently upgraded my PC from Windows 7 to 10. Assassin's Creed Odyssey worked perfectly on 7, but now every time I try to open it, it crashes. All my other games still work perfectly. What gives?!?!?! My PC specs: CPU: Intel Core i3-4160 3.6GHz Motherboard: MSI H81M-P32L Ram: 12GB DDR3...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] pc is acting up after installing win 10

    so, as you can see by the title, i have been having MAJOR issues with my pc. i bought it in 2017. new parts and up to date. i recently got a new sandisk 250gb SSD and installed windows on it last night but to my suprise i had major issue's. Before i get started here are my pc specs. msi b350...
  6. D

    Question Audio error causing videos to not play at all, or play with no sound in Chrome and All Other Browsers

    I think i know what did this, but i cant seem to undo it, I manually updated my Realtek drivers from the Asus site. Since then, this error has been occuring. I can reboot to get it to work again, however that sucks. It happens daily. I tried a system restore, before the driver, it worked...
  7. C

    Question Windows 10 Pro stuck at restarting

    Hello, I can't update my windows 10 version, because it keeps getting stuck at restarting. I have a dual boot system, I use windows 7 ultimate as a main, and windows 10 pro as secondary and if I want to use windows 10 pro I have to get into bios and do it there, also I need to use windows 7
  8. K

    Question I have a question about windows 7 and windows 10 together

    I would like to know if I can take windows 7 64 bit ALL editions of it from home premium to ultimate and strip all outdated drives from it and put all uptodate drivers from windows 10 into it so i can take the whole set up and run the older os on my newer pc I got a GIGABYTE AB350_GAMING 3...
  9. AnirbanB

    Question Which laptops (Windows OS) do have higher AdobeRGB color gamut?

    As a photographer, I tend to get higher AdobeRGB spectrum/color gamut for a display. I prefer IPS display. I am not concerned about sRGB but only AdobeRGB. Wanted to go for a MacBook but doesn't seem a viable option with that budget. Budget: $1000-$1200 USD Configuration: • Display size with...
  10. Mo.R


    hi, i am thinking of moving my OS from my HDD to an SSD. i wanted to know where the OS files are stored as i can't find any online, and I cant clone the whole drive as the SSD is only 120gb, and the files in my HDD are over 500gb. could anyone help me with this, and possibly tell me an easier...
  11. A

    Is my CPU bottlenecking me?

    I wanted to know if my CPU is bottlenecking me in games. I'm not sure if my CPU is under powered for my 1050 TI and that's why my FPS in games is extremely low or if it's something else in my system. I built my PC in January and have been using integrated graphics up until July when I...
  12. A

    Help needed in a mice

    I wanted to know if the Bloody Terminator TL80 mouse (A4tech) is good for fps gaming and its comfort levels while long term usage Also If there are better mice in the same price range please do let me know (Most of the time all i want do to is look fancy with lights but a good mouse is still...