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    Question Fresh rig windows 10 install freezes during startup

    I just built a brand new pc. i7 9700k corsair 3000mhz cl15 2x8gb msi gtx 1080 gaming 8g x FD design define s MSI MPG Z390 Gaming pro carbon ac 2x FD included fans, 1x noctua nf a14 fan noctua nh d15 2xnfa15 fans seasonic prime ultra titanium 750w wd black 2tb, some old samsung 1,5tb crucial...
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    Question Windows 10 clean install stuck at getting files ready

    Hi! I have an issue with my lenovo laptop that I decided to have a clean install of winfows 10 on because it was getting very slow. I following the usual procedures of wiping and removing all partitions and installing. I always get stuck on getting files ready for installation 7%. Things I've...
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    Question Corrupted Hard drive during windows 10 install

    Let me explain my situation as detailed as I possibly can. My friend asked me to reformat his laptop, which is a Lenovo Idea Pad 300 if I'm not mistaken. I downloaded and installed windows on my usb. I switched the boot priority to USB then rebooted the laptop, It went pretty smooth. I chose 64...