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    Question Razer Wireless USB Headphones Audio Issues while PC (GPU?) is under heavy load

    Yeah, the title says it all as it is kind of hard to dumb that down any further. Video of the audio issues I ran OCCT's "PSU Test" in the background while I was listening to music and after about 5 minutes of letting the test continue, the choppy-ness started showing in the headphones. I...
  2. M

    Question how do i swich my pc from a dell mobo to an msi mobo and keep the same windows activation

    i have a prebuilt dell inspiron 3650 that i took apart and replaced everything exept the cpu, cpu cooler, motherboard and hard drive and i want to get rid of the dell components for an msi mobo with 16gbs ram and a new cpu cooler, but i am worried about the dell drivers that are on my hard...
  3. V

    Question BIOS & Windows not reading 2 HDDs, but the SSD with Windows is fine

    I just moved up to Windows 10 from Windows 7 after buying and installing a new processor, power supply, and motherboard. (Realized one of the parts wasn't compatible with Windows 7 once my keyboard and mouse stopped working in Windows...) Couldn't get through the login screen, so I had to...
  4. O

    Question İ Can't İnstall Windows 10 (UEFI)

    Hi guys, sorry for my bad english. My Problem is; View: Blue Windows İnstall Screen ? İ Can't install Windows ... Windows its original (USB is original) ... Windows Home 10 Usb box ... Thanks ... My Motherboard is : Asus Rog Strix Z390 Gaming H (...
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    Question Infuriating Cloning Issues

    I am trying to clone my WD Blue Hard-drive onto my WD Blue M.2 SSD so that my computer boots from the SSD instead. I used EaseUS to copy the partitions and it worked well. The issue is that when I change the boot order in BIOS I get an error on boot-up stating that I need to reboot from a proper...
  6. T

    Question Does two copies of Windows 10 cause issues on a PC

    I recently bought a new PC but want to connect my old SSD and HDD. Both of them seem to have a pirated version of windows but my new PC has a clean copy. Will I have any issues if I simply install them like a normal hard drive or do I need to partition/wipe them before installation?
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    Question bluetooth usb adapter appears as a usb pnp sound device

    i got a bluetooth usb adapter the other day and i wanted to try it out but when i plug it into my pc it shows up as a usb pnp sound device . and i haven't been able to connect anything to it.
  8. E

    Question Internet cutting out constantly - DNS problem

    Currently all the Windows 10 PC's in the house are acting up with the same DNS problem, which is making it impossible to use the internet. We get about 1 second of connection before it cuts out for a minute (if we're lucky we can get about a minute of internet). This problem is happening with a...
  9. Skydaz

    Question FPS drop/Stuttering suddenly while playing PUBG/CS GO

    Hello,can someone help me Whenever I play games (Pubg and CS : GO) i had encountered sudden stuttering or lag something like that,but it only occur for like 5 second,then it will stop and will come again. This process will repeat through out the game i played. BUT before this,my laptop can...
  10. A

    Question Windows 10 red screen flicker

    Hello Currently in facing a problem with windows 10 When I sign into Windows there is slight red flicker every time Video : Please help me Thanks
  11. J

    Question My old Monitor with vga have the wrong resolution

    My resolution was fine with my Windows 10 computer and my somewhat older monitor (not the typical widescreen its a little bit more square ish) until my vga cable broke, it blinked when I moved it in certain directions and made the colours all weird sometimes so I had to buy a new one. I...
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    Hey guys i have been getting whea uncorrectable error on my ryzen 5 3600 My config is 1.Asrock b450m steel legend bios version p2.30 3000mhz data d30 8GB x 2 Crucial p1 500GB Galax gtx 1050to 4GB 1 click OC I have set it like this image Set of mode to manual and could frequency 100hd Could at...
  13. C

    Question I cant boot up windows 10

    I can't boot up my drive that has windows 10 on it, instead it boot up to my other drive that has windows 7. I tried boot override my drive that has windows 10 in BIOS still windows 7,if I remove my Windows 7 drive and my Storage Drive, it will not boot to windows 10, and it will automatically...
  14. don.caviare

    Question Pen tablet cursor doesn't move in Windows 10 (VirtualBox)

    Hi all, I'm using a Gaomon 1060 Pro pen tablet on Windows 10 (working as a virtual machine on the latest version of VirtualBox, installed on Debian 10). In VirtualBox, the tablet is detected in the list of USB devices, so I added it as a filter. The tablet is also detected by Windows, and all...
  15. A

    Question HDD detected only for a few moments

    Hello guys, The whole thing started when I tried to disable bitlocker on my 1TB internal HDD 2.5'', it was taking so long that I tried to shut down, but the laptop didn't respond, so I left it overnight. In the morning it was turned off, but when I started the laptop again, loading windows...
  16. TMDrop

    Question Boot times still slow with newly installed SSD

    Hello everyone, I have a laptop (Acer Aspire F5-573T running Windows 10) and I elected to swap out the hdd with an ssd to speed things up a bit. I followed some videos and ended up cloning the drive to the ssd using a Sata to usb 3.0 cable and Mini Partition tool software. However, after...
  17. T

    Question Please help with Windows 10 activation through COA licenses

    I currently have a PC with a copy of Windows 10 that has not been activated. I want to activate it, so I can sell the PC with a genuine Windows 10 license online. From my understanding, what computer refurbishers do on websites like eBay is that they activate windows through a Windows COA...
  18. JustKevin

    Question How to Sell A Laptop With A Broken BIOS?

    I have a HP Notebook - 14-am125tx. One day I was updating the BIOS after the Laptop was fixed, the chip got reballed. Because I accidentally use a wrong type of alcohol to change the thermal paste. Anyway, back to the BIOS. After I updated the Laptop BIOS through the HP Assistant. Suddenly the...
  19. N

    Question Help me to install Win10

    Hi I have a Windows 10 64bit Enterprise now... The thing is I want to install Pro version so I have a USB with bootable Win10 Pro 64bit. My question is, now I have 3 Drives ( C,D,E ) I just want drive C to be deleted, I need those two E and D drives the files in it are so important... Which...
  20. B

    Question Need a graphics card for Dell XPS 8300

    My girlfriend's Dell XPS 8300 has been going strong since 2011. It came with an ATI Radeon 6700 Graphics card. She uses the PC mainly to browse the internet, play Minecraft, and play Overwatch. I know the PC is old, but right now she doesn't have the money to get a whole new PC. I'm looking...