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  1. D

    Question Need help with Windows MiniPC displaying static on TV when woken up

    I've got my NUC MiniPC (NUC11PAHI5) running Windows 10, hooked up via HDMI to my TV - an Android TV (Officially branded 'Motorola' in my country, but going by firmware, deviceId etc, most likely a rebranded Skyworth) which supports 4K HDR. When I wake it from sleep mode, it displays static...
  2. ace2b

    Question Windows Login Reminder

    This popup called "windows login reminder" keeps coming up and I want to know how to get rid of it. I have watched some videos but they don't look promising on how to put "password never expires". Could anyone help me "fix" this?
  3. Ryflick

    Question PC Shuts down itself when I tried to install Windows ?

    Hey guys, I'd like to ask about my PC. Whenever I tried to boot my PC to my Windows Setup from USB Drive, the PC immediately turns off with no errors, nothing, black screen without any signs of warnings or anything. Specs : Processor i5 3470 Motherboard Gigabyte H61M-DS2H Rev 2.2 - BIOS version...
  4. G

    Question Did I accidentally corrupt my SSD?

    So this all started when my Google Chrome stopped responding, then my entire Windows stopped responding too. I gave it about 5 minutes, but nothing was happening so I decided to shut off my computer. When I booted it back up, it went straight to BIOS, which is then where I saw that the BIOS...
  5. tmarigney

    Question I upgraded my cpu from 5600 to 5800x3d and have questions and issues?

    I just upgraded from 5600 to a 5800x3d on a b450m motherboard and want to know if I should update my bios and reinstall windows? I know that a 5800x3d on pcie gen 3 isn't ideal, but I know that my performance shouldn't decrease with a significantly better cpu. Also, I booted my computer and it...
  6. S

    Question Stuttering/FPS/Frame time issues during running games

    Hi! I've recently been having weird stuttering issues (at least that's how I would describe it) when running games. It started a few days ago while I was playing GTAV but now seems to happen in every game. Basically, when I open up a game, it'll take a few minutes and then everything begins to...
  7. YaSsEr16

    Question Bad Pool Caller Problem

    Can someone help me I'm tired of this problem reinstalled Windows (tried both 10 & 11). updated all the drivers and did all Windows updates even the optionally. tried this "chkdsk /f." and this "sfc /scannow". did a Memory test using Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. checked both drives SSD and...
  8. P

    Question MSI GF63 Thin 11UD BlueScreen error.

    Hello ! I got problems today with the laptop normally it happenes from today, before some days it was fine since its new i got it before around a week, today i got cooler pad DeepCool Multi Core X8, teated if its working on heavy game and benchmark all was fine, later when i decided to use it...
  9. E

    Question Multi-GPU windows 10 crashing blue screen at start up

    Hello, I have tried a lot of stuff cant figure out any work around seeking help THANK YOU FOR ALL U DO. so I have a crypto mining rig I have been mining with 4 GPU's for several weeks with no problems. I just added a 5th Graphics card to it today and when I try to boot into windows 10 the...
  10. Mindraid

    Question Inaccessable boot device

    Hi, I will try to explain my problem. So I have bought a new 2tb ssd m.2 disk to exchange the current 1tb ssd m.2 disk with Windows 11. I used clonezilla to make an image, then I apply the image to the new ssd m.2 disk. Windows boots once, but after first restart i get "Inaccessable boot...
  11. CHEFY

    Question System artefacts

    Hi all. thanks for willing to help). so question: my friend has this system 600w be quite gold RX 580 red dragon not sure witch but b450 mobo and ryzen 5 3600 before update he had gtx 1050 ti everything was ok, as soon as he update GPU to(rx 580 8gb) system started giving artefacts View...
  12. deanabiepepler

    Question The End of Windows 10

    hey Guys And Gals in This Article it says it is the End Of Windows 10! my Question is there is going to Be NO More Updates After 19045.2913? have they Fixed Windows 10!
  13. Vozenger

    Question SSD will not boot whatsoever ?

    Well, this has been so far the biggest mystery I've had with an SSD, so it may be something silly. Here's the scenario: I was calmly playing one night, like usual. I decide to shutdown my PC for a while, when i go to turn it back again, I get the typical "Reboot and select proper boot device"...
  14. Nipul Kumudu

    Question what is the latest compatible version of the graphic card driver available for Nvidia GT 630 1 GB

    Hey, guys, I am currently using Nvidia GT630 1GB with 391.35 driver version but I really wanted to use adobe premiere pro-2020 problem is because of old graphic drivers GPU rendering doesn't support it. is there anyway somehow at least one newer version available for this graphic card?
  15. AlexisVanWien

    Question GPU secondary HDMI signal cuts off upon windows lock screen

    Hallo everyone, i have this problem and i hope someone out there can steer me towards a solution. My current PC-Setup is: Standard Desktop PC, with a secondary screen (wall-mounted TV) connected via HDMI-cable to the GPU's secondary HDMI port. My problem: Now, every time i lock windows (by...
  16. Z

    Question Not able to reach bios with ssd connected, dead SSD?

    So I recently wanted to see what was on my old desktop and couldn't reach windows due to a disk error which I suspected was on the ssd where windows was installed. I then plugged it into my current pc which resulted in some form of disk check/fix done automatically on launch after posting and...
  17. PsychoPsyops

    Question Active Directory Email Correction ?

    Hello all, I am a systems administrator and had recently added a new user into our Active Directory, which utilizes synchronicity with Microsoft 365. I originally had a typo in the user's last name and subsequently, in the user's email address. Upon correcting the typo within AD, the correction...
  18. nigbert

    Question Why does my pc lag when i alt tab?

    Alright , i started having this problem since i reinstalled my windows and i cant understand why that is. For example let's say i'm watching a youtube video on my second monitor , it works fine , but if I am also playing something on my main monitor and I alt tab into the game , either the...
  19. dimitripf

    Question Focusrite ASIO with Ableton causing "DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION" BSOD ?

    Hello! I have a Focusrite 2i2 (1st gen) that I've always used with Ableton just fine. However, I recently reinstalled Windows on an SSD, reinstalled Ableton, and when I switched the audio device to ASIO, boom, BSOD. Now, every time I try to open it I get the same blue screen error, and I'm...
  20. R

    Question Fps drop after fresh windows install

    Did a fresh windows 11 install on my asus tuf dash f15(rtx 3060 i5 12th gen 16gb 500 gb m.2) intalled all the driver etc.Restarted the run games i run valorant i was getting 190 -200 fps .that’s higher than prev windows which was 110-120.But after I restart again its stuch to 90-100 fps...
  21. M

    Question A newbie needs help

    I recently got my first pc srund 70 dollars I3 i3 6098 500gb hardisk 8gb ram Zebronics psu Asus h110 I have my own 500 gb hardrive as well I have only hardware knowledge and a 0 in technical so help me in providing tips and sources from which I can learn Problems faced First to assemble...
  22. Christian00

    Question BSOD on Lenovo Yoga 15 laptop ?

    Hello, it's been a few days that my laptop gets a BSOD when I watch a video or use web browser. Updating the drivers and doing a clean installation didn't resolve it. Windows version: Windows 10, 10.0, version 2009, build: 19045 Hardware: 20ALDU637T, LENOVO CPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM)...
  23. S

    [SOLVED] FPS drop in some games ?

    Hello, I bought a pre-built PC in december and have had some trouble with certain games but nothing that could not be resolved with some tweaks like turning off steam/geforce experience/EA/ubisoft connect overlay, setting the texture filtering from quality to performance from nvidia control...
  24. lyingfire

    Question Mouse causing keyboard to spam "C"

    My mouse is causing my keyboard to spam the letter "C" as well as causing the keyboard to constantly hold down "CTRL" At first I thought it was my keyboard but even unplugged it will spam "C" but when I unplug just the mouse, it stops. If I restart my PC I'm okay for a few minutes but then it...
  25. D

    Question Wired Network Connection Lost After PC Randomly Restarted

    I was watching a youtube video when my desktop PC decided to restart. When it booted back up (Windows 10) I no longer had a wired connection. I'm not sure what all information I should include so I will add what I think is relevant. Steps I've taken to repair the issue (some tried multiple...
  26. I

    [SOLVED] Solved

    Hi. I got an Omen 16 laptop almost 3 months ago and I recently noticed that it occasionally makes a short high pitched noise right before shutting down normally. This started happening shortly after I turned off fast startup in windows. I was wondering if this is normal or something I should be...
  27. CoDrift

    [SOLVED] Can't get PCIe SSD to show up

    Ok, a backstory: So I badly needed a storage upgrade since I'm currently running 5 small (Mix of 128s, 500s, 320s) SSDs and HDDs. Thought I'd move to all SSD storage and I wanted to use two separate SSDs. One as boot drive and the other as my main drive for storing data and games etc. My...
  28. krishna_balajee

    Question Upgrading the RAM and SSD of MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 8RE?

    Hi, I plan to upgrade the SSD and RAM in my 5-year-old MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 8RE Laptop. I use the laptop mainly for editing movies and often I run out of space in the C Drive due to media caching. So, I have decided to upgrade my SSD and my RAM as my laptop allows for them. I wanted to check...
  29. tsen134

    Question Unresponsiveness and strange behaviour after boot

    About a month ago upgraded my CPU, GPU, and installed a new m.2 drive. Recently I've been encountering some strange issues after booting. At first, I was getting an unresponsive task bar, I could navigate the menus and such but I couldn't click anything (including shutdown and restart buttons)...
  30. D

    Question windows locks up my PC when trying to boot up.

    I've been having problems with my pc freezing right after bios when the Windows logo pops up then the screen goes black. nothing is responsive including the reset button and the power button do nothing when it happens. only want to restart the pc is by the power supply switch. could this be a...
  31. F

    Question My Pc doesn't detect my SSD

    Hi, recently am facing a problem i didn't face before. sometimes when am running my pc, the pc shut down themselves automatically Without any interference from me, what happens after is that he doesn't boot again and enter to the SSD (Windows installed on the SSD). When i enter the BIOS i can't...
  32. A

    Question SSD working perfectly, detected in BIOS, but suddenly can't boot into Windows ?

    Hey everyone! I have recently encountered something very strange. I have been using my PC normally for a while now, but all of a sudden yesterday, I started getting the " Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device " message. The PC crashed mid-usage, which is weird and then started giving me that...
  33. KokoAkos

    Question High CPU usage for seconds cause massive FPS drops

    Hi. During the week, this problem appeared, which mainly occurs while playing, the CPU usage jumps up completely randomly for a few seconds. The fps drops from locked 120 to below 20. Thanks to Process Explorer, it was revealed that all this happens because of the "services.exe" system process...
  34. serban gruianu

    Question The old Stocks gadget from Windows Vista needs to be fixed with new servers.

    Hello people out there who still use Windows Vista to this day, I wanted to tell you this is a topic about gadgets. This one is about the old Stocks gadget that some people used back in the day, but now it has stopped supporting. I couldn't find another gadget of this type, as they use Yahoo...
  35. T

    Question I'm looking for a new OS besides Windows, Linux or mac ?

    Hi, im looking for something similar to midnightbsd, haiku that is something new and can be used for gaming. so far i only found midnightbsd, vamprie os, elive, haiku and lonero os. are there any others?
  36. A

    Question Pin not available

    Hello! I disabled my MS Config services and did a restart, when my computer was finished I was met with a screen that my PIN code isn’t available and I can’t log in. I have searched around the internet for answers and found many, the problem is that my windows tells me my password is incorrect...
  37. K

    Question Windows won't start without Lauching CSM mode thru BIOS.

    I recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU, when i tried to boot up I was taken straight into the BIOS. Windows wouldn't boot and BIOS showed that I had no available bootdrives. I couldnt get windows or my SSD's to show up until I launched CSM mode. How can i boot windows without CSM mode? Ive...
  38. B

    Question Computer only boots into BIOS

    I bougth a new SSD to replace my old HDD, but I accidentally swapped out my current SSD (which contains Windows) for it, and got a "can't boot because there is no OS found" error. No problem, I just plug my old SSD back in. However, now everytime I boot the PC, it boot's into BIOS. I made sure...
  39. pubert

    Question (SOLVED) PC will not stay asleep/hibernated after upgrade

    Hello. I just upgraded my PC with a new CPU, mobo, GPU, PSU, new SSD for my OS, and some various other doodads. As it was my first time ever performing work this invasive (on my own PC), I was pleasantly surprised everything booted up with no issues and I didn't burn my house down. Everything...
  40. The Electro Machine

    Question Additional menus creator for Windows 10 ?

    Is there some program with GUI for that can create menus for programs? For example I would need my audio editor when I hit e.g. F4 key to show me a menu with list of lines of texts to be pasted in if I pick them - but I would need to be able to control the size of font and colors in such menu...