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  1. DesktopJunkie

    Question PC shuts down instead of Hibernate or Sleep ?

    So I just recently built a new pc. The specs are below. I'm having an issue when I attempt to put the pc into Hibernation or even just sleep it just shuts the entire PC down, not saving anything. I've gone through soo many windows 10 guides on how to fix this and I'm beginning to wonder if it's...
  2. B

    Question Computer tries to boot Windows off SSD but restarts whilst it is loading ?

    Please send help, My PC was working fine until last night (I built this computer myself and it was working fine for about 1.5 years). I turned my computer off and walked away, I came back and notice it was still on. It was frozen on the motherboard logo with the dots in a circle not moving. I...
  3. Endre

    Question Operating system market share 2021

    Quick facts: As of april 2021, Android holds the top position as the most used operating system worldwide, with 40.63% market share. While Windows is #2 with 31.94% worldwide market share. Question: Knowing that Microsoft lost the race of the...
  4. E

    Question Games causing entire system to crash ?

    About maybe 6 months ago, I encountered an issue while playing a game. Both of my monitors went black, my fans went crazy, and I had to restart my pc to use it again. Thinking it was just a one-time problem, I ignored it. It happened multiple times again (only with one game), so I started...
  5. G

    Question When I try to install new software, Windows will restart by itself mid installation --- what can cause this?

    When I try to install a new software some times windows will restart by itself mid installation. Some softwares seem to be installed normally after this, some aren't installed but when I try again i can install them without a restart happening but some of them it happens every time and i can't...
  6. NeKoconut

    Question Xonar AE Soundcard drivers gone wrong

    This has been a 6 month saga of fighting my soundcard to get it back to its original glory. If you have even a slight idea of what is going on, I am desperate for help. My soundcard is not showing up in Windows. It used to work totally fine, until about 6 months ago where upon rebooting my...
  7. F

    Question Pc feezes and audio stutters

    Last month I was playing overwatch with my friends when my pc froze, no BSOD, just a still image and looping audio. I didn't think much of it at first, as it didn't happen again for a couple of days but then it happened again, so I searched around and figured I'd try to diagnose and fix the...
  8. Mickey11

    Question Having issues with a GTX1060 6GB

    Hello! So lately I have had this issue where, regardless of the games I play, the GPU gets stuck at 100% of usage and the CPU lays around 10% of usage. I get consistently 8-10fps regardless of the game and regardless of the quality settings. The only game I am able to play is Minecraft, vanilla...
  9. K

    Question Missing copied files from cross-platforms ?

    Recently i have shifted from Mac (Hackintosh) to Windows platform. I have been making backups to an NTFS-formatted, external 2TB HDD using Tuxera , an app which allows me to see ntfs partitions on mac...but the problem is some of the data goes missing when i connect the disk on...
  10. ccoo84

    [SOLVED] 1080ti Overclocks Not Holding Anymore

    The Past Week & a half I have been getting allot of crashing in my games which I think is due to my over clocking I think, I use to have the Core clock @ +140 & it held up great for the past year. Even though the MSI auto OC said it could run +163 I heard people have been talking about this...
  11. SkyMembrane

    [SOLVED] Strange behavior when connecting to 5ghz through 802.11ac

    Hi all, I kind of ran out of ideas of what to test at this point, and I'm making this thread to see if there's anything I missed before I run out and buy another network adapter. My desktop has had the same wifi adapter for a few years, a Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I, which has the Intel DBW-AC8260...
  12. benjamin_a_hu92

    Question New XboX Series X Controller Issue with Windows

    Hi guys! I have a problem with my new Xbox Series X controller. If i play FIFA , the down direction button get stucked, not physically, i do not touch the controller and ingame seems like i push the down button permanently. I returned the product and the shop changed it, and have the same issue...
  13. D

    Question PC Turns on but no display

    I've been having this problem for the past few days. I have my PC set to sleep after a specific hour every day at night. When I noticed this problem happening, my PC kept freezing and lagging even for minor things like opening a file or closing a program. It could take from 10-30 seconds frozen...
  14. J

    Question Webcam automatically turns off in low light conditions on Asus X415JA-EK508T laptop ?

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased this laptop and have been using Discord to do video calls with the webcam and at a certain time of day when the light gets too low the camera automatically shuts off. I have tested this with the built in Camera app of Windows 10 as well as Discord by turning...
  15. M

    Question Install Windows 7 on PRIME-H410M-D and i5 10400f

    Anyone heva drives for windows 7 to PRIME-H410M-D and i5 10400f ?? i will not use onboard sound or video thanks!
  16. RevThawne

    Question Why does my screen go blank after loading into windows?

    Video here: View: Specs; CPU: Intel i5-3330 RAM: 6GB OS: WINDOWS 10 64 BIT PRO Motherboard: I dont know Graphics card: none I've tried restarting, going into system restore (which it does it again after a while), and trying a different monitor. I really hope...
  17. M

    Question How to change user folders (e.g. Documents) icons in Windows 10?

    Hello, I want to customize my user folders icons, in my Windows 10 (with dark theme + UXThemePatcher). I tried using Customizer God, but it gives me an error: "UpdateResource#3\#1156 failed: The parameter is incorrect." Is there any other way to customize icons (or fix this error)? Thanks for help!
  18. S

    Question Issues with new boot drive

    I’ll start by saying I’m bad with computers. I know how to build them and that’s about it. My knowledge for troubleshooting software ends with the few programs I’m familiar with--Clip Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. I’ll be honest, I kinda need to be babied through fixing anything with...
  19. M

    Question should i change my windows?

    hey there! so i recently bought a new cpu. i was wondering after assembling, should i change the windows? or just assemble it and after installing new drivers, keep continuing to my works?
  20. J

    Question How to transfer Windows and should you partition SDD?

    I'm sorry if this is a wrong forum but I can't google anymore. Please help me. I need explanation for dummies. I'm probably smart enough (IQ-wise) to follow detailed instructions, but I don't understand anything about how anything works. I have a 5 years old laptop with a HDD disk. I never used...