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    Question Identifying hardware associated with older Windows drives

    Hi, I have some older Windows (XP, 7, 10) platter primary (C:\) HDDs from different old computers of mine. Unfortunately, the stickers got removed so I no longer know what motherboard each drive was associated with originally. Is the identifying information for the original hardware...
  2. O

    [SOLVED] PC is booting directly into Windows without showing the BIOS or boot logo

    My PC is booting directly into Windows without showing the BIOS or boot logo This problem does not persist, sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not. My device specifications: HP Z230 I don't have a GPU but the device is connected directly to the DisplayPort of motherboard
  3. Endre

    Question About Windows 11 AI ?

    Hello! As many of you know, Windows 11 v24H2 comes out later this year. Copilot+ PCs will have AI "features" like: Recall, which will take snapshots of our PCs every 3-5 seconds! This is just "Big Brother" in disguise, to me! So, Microsoft, instead of working on Windows 11 to make it better...
  4. qqrakka

    Question RuntimeBroker process thinks I'm not shutting down/restarting properly?

    Hello everyone! I've recently noticed via event viewer that since last month, every shutdown and restart I initiate is met with a series of processes running when the computer boots into Windows, one being quite strange. Reading: And the same but for shut downs reading: Is this a possible...
  5. E

    Question Windows 10 BSOD: NMI_Hardware_failure

    Greetings, I've prowled and lurked through here for various answers to PC issues for years and am usually pretty successful with what's already been asked. This time I am in a position where I am wracking my brain and Would need some specific help looking into what recently started causing these...
  6. M

    Question Separate partition for software?

    Hi everyone! I'm planning a new build in a few months, and I'm wondering if anyone could shed some light on something I've been wondering lately: In my my current system, I have Windows and all my non-gaming software installed on an SSD, with my games stored on a HDD (I know, I should have...
  7. Vanke

    Question PC restarts by itself when it reaches Log Screen

    Ok, so my PC keep restarting by itself. I came from work like 3 days ago and i wanted to play some games. I power it on and after it reaches the Log Screen it suddenly restart by itself (without saying *Restarting..*). After this restart it starts normally. This build worked so fine for over 2...
  8. D

    Question Why does this GigaByte A320M-S2H not show a POST screen, but boots from Hiren's Boot USB?

    Hi Peeps, I've looked at this: and this...
  9. User_o7

    Question Laptop just turning off or not even starting

    Every bit of help is appreciated. I already tried everything i could. It's a HP Probook 450 G5. So basically it is working IF IT WOULDN'T JUST TORN OFF
  10. Kyroix 74

    Question missing Windows RE image

    Hi all, i cannot complete windows updates and the error code i received (0x80070643) has led to my sytem not having the winre.wim file. I tried the CMD prompt of reagentc /enable but it says the windows re image was not found. I then have done bcdedit /enum all and at the windows boot loader...
  11. G

    Question New PC crashing on all games

    Hello, A few months ago I bought following configuration and assembled it myself: AMD Ryzen 7 7800 X3D Kingston fury 2x16 GB DDR5 6400 MHz Gigabyte Nvidia windforce 4070 TI Asus prime b650m-a Wifi II Samsung 990 pro 1 tb nvme Corsair icue h100i water cooling Gigabyte psu series 1000 w 80+ gold...
  12. T

    Question If my Bios does not support bifurcation can I still access all 4 NVMe drives on x4/x4/x4/x4 PCIe card from an EFI system partition?

    Hi! This is my first message at Tom. :) I have an older rack server (Cisco UCS M200 M2) and I want to add 4 NVMe drives to it on a PCIe card. The common ones (at least the cheap ones) today seem to basically plug the drive to a 16x PCI under this so called x4/x4/x4/x4 configuration. I've read...
  13. J

    Question How do I reinstall Windows from a previous Boot drive ?

    Hi, I'm currently upgrading my PC and I'm gonna buy a new CPU, motherboard and a cooler and intend to keep all of my SSDs and HDDs. So, my question is how do I re-use the disks without losing any data and re-activating Windows? Do I just plug it in? Thanks for the response in advance!
  14. A_Goat

    Question Games freeze when IN focus

    I have a handful of games that freeze when they are in focus. I can't play them anymore, games that used to run fine. If I alt tab, or click on my secondary monitor, it unfreezes and runs fine. I can even hover over the menu items and everything highlights as normal, FPS is fine. As soon as I...
  15. TempTop

    Question Ryzen 7600X damaged after power surge?? HELP

    I had an electrician over in the past week. He accidentally created a power surge that cooked a power strip and blew several bulbs. My PC was on during this as I thought he was done at the time. So now a couple days later every time I attempt to stream my PC blue-screens with a varying code each...
  16. gabespound

    [SOLVED] Win 10 & Win 11 installers not detecting either of my 2 NVMe SSDs individually, or a Raid-0 RST array comprised of them ?

    Long story short. I had Windows 11 installed on this very same system with 2 2TB NVME drives in Raid-0 Using VMD and intel RST. I decided to switch to arch linux, and disabled RST, and instead left the two drives in their default modes. I installed arch linux on an mdadm (software) raid-0 and...
  17. LeonexWann

    Question My disk usage gets high and slows down when my laptop is running on battery ?

    Hello everyone, recently I've noticed a quite uncommon behavior on my laptop, it started with an old M.2 SSD I had which was quite bad and I thought maybe the SSD was the reason so I switched to a Kingston 1TB NVMe SSD. It started off nice but then when I unplugged my laptop the usage got...
  18. S

    Question Getting BSOD on Asus ROG computer, but no dump files are created ?

    My computer is an Asus ROG STRIX G10CES Desktop. I have been dealing with this issue for quite a few months, and it's really frustrating me. I am getting blue screens on my computer, even when I'm simply browsing the web. I have tried everything, including running a memory test, using sfc...
  19. 0wen

    Question HP IDT High Definition Audio Microphone stops working after waking from sleep ?

    Hello, About a month ago I've encountered a very strange problem with my laptop. The built-in microphone stops recording any sound whenever I put the laptop to sleep and wake it up. It won't work for an extended period of time, and sometimes it'll just suddenly start working again. The sound...
  20. onlythefreshness

    Question Laptop charging issues ?

    Laptop model: Asus Swift 1 SF114-32 The device previously had a cup of coffee spilled on it. Since this accident, it refuses to stay on without the charger plugged into the laptop. I have replaced the battery with a verified and worked batter from iFixit's website. Even with the new battery, I...
  21. C

    Question Changing from Linux to Windows 11 on my Gaming PC and having a lot of problems!

    So i built my gaming pc about 6 months ago and i have been using linux to game. Everything has been pretty good but linux has been having problems for me because there isn’t a lot of games that work great on linux and I can’t just have that on a daily basis where I just want to sit down and just...
  22. MatthewJamess

    Question F keys working as Fn function by default?

    Just got a new laptop and installed windows on it... I can't change my brightness, which is a different problem, but when I went to use the F5 key to refresh a page, the Fn function triggered instead of refreshing (I'm not pressing any other keys ofc) What should I do?
  23. cooiejr2

    Question Default Monitor keeps changing ?

    Hello! I purchased 2 new monitors for my build at the start of the year, the primary monitor is a Fire Legend 34HC5CUR and the secondary monitor is a cheap 27" 1440p Viewedge I got off of amazon; both are running off of a 6700 XT Hellhound GPU. The issue ive been having is that every time my...
  24. MatthewJamess

    Question Questions about transferring notebook drives

    I’m giving a family member my old notebook, to replace hers, and I have 2 questions: - First, I want to do a full format on my machine’s m.2 ssd. Can I do it on the notebook itself? Or should I transfer it to my PC in order to run a format on disk manager? Do I risk anything with my notebook’s...
  25. W

    Question Upgraded PC, BSOD - "VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR" after waking up from sleep, happens occasionally.

    Hi guys, I'm having this BSOD issue when waking up my PC from a sleep state. The dump will be in the end. This happens occasionally and it feels like it only happens when the PC stays asleep for 8+ hours. I can put the PC asleep 50 times in a row and wake it up a few seconds later, and there...
  26. morphing

    Question PC Cycles on any drive

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any idea if I can fix this issue I am having. Unfortunately I do not have a list of components now, though I would be very surprised if components are the issue. My friend had factory reset his PC with no backup, and fallen asleep. Once he woke up he tried...
  27. O

    Question 0x124_4_GenuineIntel_PCIEXPRESS_MALFORMED

    Hi, i buyed a new laptop cause the previus laptop i buyed was having problems (so i have 2 new laptops) ..and this one as well...i dont know what could be...maybe the electricity conections in my house are faulty? can be that? my led lamps last like 8 months...
  28. P

    Question Any idea why my mouse loses focus every 5 seconds?

    Hi. First post here, I really need help. I can't find anyone having the same problem as me on the internet which is rare and not a good sign. I have a mouse issue. First, this mouse issue only occurs on old games. On Arcanum of Steamworks and Ultima Underworld for example, which have nothing to...
  29. B

    Question Windows SSD RAID 0 (Drive D) gone after power loss/force restart - HELP!

    Hello, Like the title says my RAID 0 is gone after a force restart. My PC got stuck searching for duplicates and wouldn't respond for a few minutes so I had to do a force restart (restart button). After it restarted my RAID 0 which is Drive D was gone. Disk Management tood only says "Error"...
  30. matherqw

    Question GPU doesn't turn on while PC works fine

    Hello! I am having an issue with my somewhat new config where the GPU used to run fine for the first month or so, but one day I got no signal to the monitor when I turned my pc on. At first I thought it was my HDMI cable which I've replaced, but to no avail. I then checked if the GPU fans spin...
  31. C

    Question PC keeps restarting

    **Computer Type:** Desktop **GPU:** RTX 4070 **CPU:** RYZEN 9 5900x **Motherboard:** MSI MEG X570 UNIFY **BIOS Version:** Latest version **RAM:** 64GB GSkill TridentZ Nero **PSU:** Corsair RM1000x 80+ Gold (I think this is the PSU but I threw the box out) **Case:** Unknown **Operating...
  32. rounakr94

    Question BSOD after Windows login since changing motherboard ?

    I changed my motherboard to a new Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite v2 in December, since then I have been facing random bsod after login into Windows. Today strangely it gave a complete new BSOD "netwtw06.sys" Google search revealed it to be related to Wifi card (Asus PCI card using Intel 8260)...
  33. Beefmallet

    Question PC froze, forced shutdown, now Windows won’t boot on my M.2 NVMe SSD ?

    Pre info: My PC locked up a couple months ago and I forced a shutdown and turned it back on. When I did, I was greeted with a black screen that said “press any key to boot from cd or dvd…” I found it weird and just turned my PC off and on again. Magically the issue went away and it booted...
  34. ZV505867

    Question Windows 7 installer freezes on a Dell G5 5000 ?

    I have a Dell G5 5000 with an i5-10400F, 1650 SUPER, 32 GB RAM (unmatched, but doesn't cause issues), 512GB NVMe I have made a Windows 7 SP1 USB, and then integrated the following drivers into the install...
  35. zolydream

    Question Windows 10 security problem

    Photo1Photo2Photo3 Hello everyone, i have a problem with my windows 10 on my pc, many times every day in the windows security icon appears a problem as you can see in the photos i attach here to this post and i can't solve it, i'm thankful for any help you can give, thanks in advance!
  36. F

    Question Trojan:Win32/Casdet!rfn crashes Windows Defender and is undeletable ?

    Hi, so I torrented a file containing Adobe Master Collection from one of our teachers in a university. Installed only InDesign to test the program. After a few days I started to feel that my PC is slower than usual. After looking at Task Manager, I saw that my disk, and sometimes CPU consumption...
  37. wallajalla

    Question Can't boot to BIOS ?

    Hi! I've encountered a very confusing issue with my PC recently and it's proving difficult to solve, here's the situation: Yesterday, I tried restoring bluetooth to AtlasOS via a built in script, and upon restarting I noticed something strange. I couldn't boot windows without restarting a few...
  38. theplush

    Question 16GB RAM is installed but Windows Task Manager shows only 8GB ?

    I have 2 x 8GB RAM installed in my computer. BIOS and CPUZ shows the 16GB RAM allocated, but only 8GB is showing up as available in Windows task manager ?
  39. G

    Question "Windows could not automatically detect this network's proxy settings" ?

    I just completely reset my pc, and booted from USB. When setting up I noticed I couldn't connect to internet (neither WiFi nor ethernet) but I didn't think anything of it and just continued by clicking on 'I don't have internet'. After setting everything up I wanted to download the usual files...
  40. M

    Question Can't boot into Safe Mode even though WinRe is enabled

    So, I've been scouring the internet for solutions, and I could really use some help with this problem. After some hardware issues, I tried to go into WinRe to reinstall my video drivers, only to discover that I couldn't load into safe mode - it just sat there with the Windows logo and no loading...