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    Asus g51j

    Hello there thw forums I am getting a new laptop soon and was wondering if the G51J-A1 from Asus is any good. Has it got any major issues. I am open to suggestions within that price range as well. However, as I live in Dubai it's quite hard to get a decent laptop
  2. B

    Laptop for computer science and engineering

    Hello ppl im sort of da new kid on da block i am going to start Computer engineering(In INDIA) so id be needing a laptop for this i hope you ppl can help???? Specs: 1. Atleast an Intel i5(no AMD plz) 2.A good graphic card to run games like assasins creed etc 3.4GB RAM 4.320 GB hard drive...
  3. G

    Install windows xp from a flashdrive

    Hello, i;m trying to reboot my acer aspire one pc but it has to be usb so how can i make a windows xp bootable from a flash drive?
  4. D

    Gaming Laptop 900ish (used Faqs)

    1_What is your budget? Under 1,000 2_What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6" screen... Ibm thinkpad T series is what I am used to...
  5. Z

    Sony vaio VPCF115FGB fan

    Hi, a week ago I bought a Sony Vaio VPCF115FGB, its a great laptop, apart from an annoying noise that originating from the left side of the machine. I think this noise may be the processor fan because I can hear it when it spins up when I start doing spomething intensive, but when I am idleing...
  6. J

    Hi, I was wondering, before I purchase the M11X, if its possible to dual boot it

    I prefer linux when I'm not gaming, more stable and efficient.
  7. M

    Possible Competition for Gateway P-7807u FX Edition

    I was thinking of buying the Gateway® P-7807u FX Edition, I have been doing some research and for $1241 including warranty and online shipping, this computer looks very good for what i want. before I officially took the plung I wanted to make sure i was getting all i can for the money. Is there...
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    Hard Drive Upgrades~~~~~

    OK, So... My current hard drives are nearing the end of their lives [60gb Maxtor ATA-100; 120GB Maxtor ATA-100] and I'm looking to replace them. I have been studying the Hard Disk Charts, and even with their support, I am undecided upon what hard drives I need. Here is what I am considering...
  9. the-donkey


    hi im hoping there is some1 that can help. i have a compaq evo n600c. when i turn the unit off and then of the time is wrong. when i set it using auto update and then turn off and on it starts at the time it was updated at. i have renewed the cmos battery but still the same does any1 have any...
  10. G

    Hard Drive Speed Question

    Hi I been thinking of getting a couple of hard drives for a raid 0 and raid 1 array using the intel storage matrix controller on my motherboard. I was thinking of getting a Seagate 7200.10 200Gb, but strangely the 7200.7 appears to be faster on XP startup performance on the interactive charts...
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    How to remove vista from my xp laptop

    Hello, My Sony VAIO came with Windows XP. I upgraded to Windows Vista and it has run poorly ever since. How can I remove Vista from my laptop? It did not come with recovery disks but I have purchased a Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade. What do you recommend? Thanks for your help. My laptop will...
  12. R

    Recent build; mobo keeps rebooting

    The computer has been humming along nicely for a month or so until today. I turned it on, and it beeped once and rebooted in 1 or 2 seconds. It kept doing this endlessly. I opened up the case and unplugged everything. The only things connected at the moment are: Asrock Z77 Extreme4 Seasonic...
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    Need a dual duty laptop:gaming inside,discrete exterior for business

    Hi, Looking for some help in selecting a laptop. Need a laptop capable of gaming, yet discrete enough appearance to take to businesses on consulting gigs. Not expecting the very best due to budget, but looking for a solid performer. Not sure what right balance between cpu and graphics card...
  14. M

    Good hardware e-sata PCI board?

    Hello I am after a good 4 port e-sata PCI board with the e-sata ports on the outside. I am primarily after good quality RAID 5 implementation. Its all about data recovery. I need to know when a HDD fails, and need to know that the card can recover with a new HDD with a minimum of fuss. I...
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    Assembling a new gaming computer - Need help!

    Hello, I'll be assembling a new gaming computer in order to replace my old one. From the old one I'll take the case, hard-disk and maybe the psu. I'm from Brazil and will be in a trip to USA including NYC, New Jersey and Orlando. I will try to buy most of the parts in New Jersey as it seems...
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    Anyone got XoticPC/Sager NP5760

    Can anyone please post personal experience with it? Also, I wonder if anyone run into troubles with dead pixels or "Dead Pixel Policy" ? Mini-Review would be really nice =) I hope it would be helpful to allot of people Thanks a lot.
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    HP/Compaq wants $94 + SHIPPING for restoration cds!!!

    So the harddrive died on one of my laptops, I picked up a new 60gb from newegg for $65 shipped and proceded to call Compaq for a copy of the restoration discs; As they currenlty install all your backups on the harddrive... After giving all my info for 20 minutes I am quoted $108!!! After...
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    Barton's Here: Athlon XP 3000+ vs. P4 3.06 GHz

    AMD doubles its Athlon L2 cache. Now, the top of the line is the XP 3000+. Can it upset Intel's P4 3066? As a bonus: we'll overclock the Athlon XP 3000+ and see what other surprises it has in store for us. Barton's Here: Athlon XP 3000+ vs. P4 3.06 GHz : Read more
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    Red Cloud Technologies (UK)

    Archived from groups: uk.comp.sys.laptops,comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I just thought I'd post a message about these guys, Red Cloud Technologies in Scotland. I was in the market for a new VAIO. I'd heard of this company before, and actually had some dealings with Euan. I contacted RCT and...
  20. N

    How to get 1680x1050 screen resolution?

    I have Windows 7 highest screen resolution is 1680x1050 but in display settings is only 4 options 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024 2048x1536 Please Help me to find 1680x1050 screen resolution back to original, I had it like this before and it suddenly change.