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  1. Vaip3r

    [SOLVED] Need HELP – New PC build :)

    Hello, I want to build a pc for productivity as I’m working from home and I spend an average of 10 hours per day in front of my laptop. My number one priority is browsing. I am working with a lot of tabs open, for example, 30-40 depends on what I am doing. The majority of “programs” I am using...
  2. M

    Question Is this PC okay?

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum, and I don't know a lot about computers. The thing is, I want to buy one, both for gaming and apps like Ps, Ae, and similar stuff. I live in Argentina, so it's pretty expensive and my options are a bit limited (plus, the website where I intend to buy the...
  3. S

    Question Need advice on a built.

    Hello everyone, I am looking to build a pc for my shop which can run an epos software on windows 10 and run basic Microsoft office word. Epos software doesn't require that much power as its currently run on an old dell desktop (thinkcentre type) running windows xp on 512mb ram i think. I want...
  4. E

    Windows 10 advertising ads

    How to disable the advertising ads appear at desktop? Very disturbing.
  5. L

    ASUS Z87-K AI suite 3 Windows 10

    Hi guys, ASUS Z87-K running windows 10 64 bit. AI Suite 3 Had the only BSOD on here since i had this computer from 2013. Once i force restarted it hanging on BSOD for 2 hours - AI suite 3 errors popped up and it wouldnt start so i uninstalled it. Dug out the package that came with the computer...
  6. T

    Sudden FPS drop & 100% CPU Usage

    Hello, I am having an issue whenever I load into a match of league my CPU sky rockets to 90% to 100% and getting around 5-10fps. I have played on this laptop for a few months now and was fine and I was getting around 30-40fps on medium settings. I have tried switching it to all very low settings...
  7. J

    What graphics card to buy for 4k?

    I am considering either x2 GTX 970, r9 295x2, x1 GTX 980 or adding an extra GTX 780. At the moment, I already have 1 GTX 780 but I have been told that the VRAM is not enough for 4k gaming. So instead I was thinking of selling the 780 and getting 2 GTX 970's however they still only have 3.5GB...
  8. baniDJ

    R9 270 Crossfire HELP

    Hi! I currently have one R9 270 and I'm thinking to get another one and crossfire because I can't affort a better single card. So I heard that 270's in crossfire are like one R9 290 is that true? And also will i be able to do a 3-way crossfire / 4 way ? I only have one Crossfire connector so IDK...
  9. S

    RAM trouble seemingly out of the blue

    Will post my build below, after describing the problem. Also, this is not a new build: I have been using the system since ~ mid-September 2011. After having zero problems with the system since the initial construction (excluding a dead graphics card), I've suddenly run across a seemingly...