£270 SSD Budget, 1 256gb or 2 128gb


Apr 25, 2006
Im getting my bonus in a few weeks (Yipee) and I have put some aside to treat myself to SSD.

I was thinking of spending a max of £270.

For about that I can get a 256Gb SSD as they seem to be faster but it's about the same cost as buying two 120/128Gb drives which I could raid.

My budget is upto £270.
What would you recomend.

Basic Computer specs
Intel 5i 2500K
Asus P8P67 Motherboard
Been running 3 64 gb SSDs in a Raid 0 for almost 2 years. Zero hiccups, faster speeds, its been great. Doubling the chances is like going from .25% to .50% due to it being a raid. Id go Raid 0 every time.


Go with the single drive. Two hard drives in RAID 0 is a noticeable speed boost, not so with SSDs as the extra speed will be much less apparent. Never put drives in a RAID 0 setup unless it's strictly for temporary storage, or you have a very strict backup strategy, because all of your data is lost if just one drive goes bad.

If you're determined to go RAID 0, I would use Intel drives and nothing else.


Feb 21, 2012
Here's a good resource if you're planning to buy a SSD

This website tracks the daily prices of SSDs to find the best value for money drives on the market.

Currently the #1 ranked is OCZ Synapse 128GB SSD priced at $95.78 or $0.75 per gigabyte.

Hope that helps.