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Question £900 Prebuilt PC? Help (Solution found)

May 27, 2020
Pc specialist warn you about the psu you select, so thats helpful.


Hi. I'm from the UK and was looking for a pc that is capable of running VR games.

My current pc is not a gaming pc, so this would be my first one.

I looked at PC Specialist's website, but I am worried and confused that I would select things that arent good enough..

If any of you could atleast suggest parts that are capable of VR and running games decently, and also suggesting what power supply would be good, that would be helpful.

I know a lot of you build your pc's, but I don't want to risk doing that..
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£900 is honestly pushing it, a lot of stuff is overpriced at the minute in the uk, primarily psu's and gpu's.


Solid system, aqd are fairly well established, they do better/nearer build quality than pc specialist, their warranty cover is fairly good.

Not mad on the mwe bronze psu's they tend to use but they're not completely dire, just not as good as they should be in a £800+ system.

Thats about the best system I can see prebuilt, including Windows 10, at the minute in your budget range.