Question 100% Disk usage while gaming

Nov 12, 2019

For about 4 months I have the problem that my 1Tb HDD is 100% loaded when playing games like Rainbow Six or The Outer World etc. The system freezes, the game doesn't play sound etc. The problem always occurs in about 1 month intervals and disappears in a few days for some reason. 2 days ago I installed Dirt Rally and Killing Floor 2 . In Dirt Rally, the system crashed and since then I have the problem again.

I tried:

disabling Superfetch, DiagTrack
Win 10 in Place Upgrace
chkdsk command
Defragmenting HDD
HDtune scan

Win 10 Home
8 GB Ram
Radeon RX 580
Ryzen 5 1600
1 TB toshiba p300 HDD
128gb intenso ssd

I thought about sending the hard disk back or getting more RAM. Can I try something else?

Thank you in advance!
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Three Windows' tools that can be used to help:

Use Task Manager, Resource Monitor, or Process Explorer to discover what is using the 1 TB HDD when the drive hits 100%.

Take a close look at everything being launched at startup. Maybe some background app checks the date and begins some monthly effort to update, backup, phone home, etc.. But the app may be buggy or corrupted.

Use just one of three tools at time and just watch. Minimize so it will be easy to take a look at the tool if you notice something going on while gaming or doing other things.

Explore the tools beforehand so you can configure the view that best suits what you wish to observe. May take some trial and error to learn your way around the tool and understand what can be learned via the tool.