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Question 1000 fps in a game! Is it harmful?


Dec 22, 2016
Hi everyone!

I have a very unusual situation: I have a game called Empire Earth. It s an old RTS game from 2001. I noticed when I move the camera (by moving it to the edge of the screen) its very stuttering, moreover the movement of the units (especially planes) not smooth at all. Its very similar to the camera movement, I found out it is caused by that the V-sync is ON.

Strangely the FPS is not capped at 60 when it is on, but moves between 55-94.

When I turn off the V-sync the camera and unit movements are smooth like in my other RTS games.
As a side effect my FPS in game jumps very high. Its usually between 104 and 260 FPS but it can get to 500, 800 even 1000!!

My question is, can it be harmful to the graphic card or other components? If so then how? What signs should I watch to determine it?

I can't use MSI afterburner in the game for some reason, it doesn't show up.
To see the FPS I used the ingame FPS counter and then FRAPS too.
I tried to force V-sync in nvidia control panel but it took no effect for unknown reason.

My specs are:
windows 7 32 bit
nvidia GT 730 2GB GDDR5
I5 4460