~$1000 Upgrade


Jan 31, 2008
Hi there,

Looking for some basic advice on upgrades for my current rig. I think it's about time, as it is kind of showing its age.

Current rig:

XP Pro
2GB 6400 RAM
1TB on 2 HDD
9800GTX +
E8400 OC'd @ 3.6 GHZ
780i eVGA mobo
550W Enermax Supply (It's over 4 years old but running strong!)

I do not want to switch from XP just yet, as I am waiting for Windows 7. My main issues are what route to go for the GFX card, RAM and PSU.
Looking to spend about a G on the upgrades to get a system I can game on for another year or so until the next upgrade.

Some issues: Due to my massive heatsink, only 2 slots are available for RAM, limiting myself to about 4GB max I believe. Not really looking for top of the line RAM just a placeholder until I get Win7 that will support up to 6+.

I am debating splurging on SLI 275's or a single 285 solution for GFX. I do not like complications that SLI entails but I do want a powerful gaming solution. My resolution is 1680x1050. I may have to upgrade the PSU.

Just wanted to know if you guys see any problems with this current route that I can't see right now. Also open to suggestions about parts, etc.

Thanks in advance
Edit: All of this is in Canadian (CAD) funds!