Question 1060 3GB paired with an i5-10600k ?


Sep 19, 2017
Is pairing an i5-10600k overkill for a 1060 3GB? I would like to upgrade my GPU as well in the future but I don’t have the money right now so I’m going for the CPU first which is much weaker in my current setup.

Would my 1060 3GB noticeably bottleneck my i5-10600k?


The 10600K can handle even faster GPUs.

Please take a look:

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What do you think will happen if the gpu is the limiting factor (the bottleneck I think you are asking about)?

If you are going to upgrade the gpu in the future it doesn’t matter. You will get the full potential out of the 1060. Yes a faster gpu could utilise more of the cpu when you upgrade.
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