Question 10600k or r5 3600


Jul 29, 2015
I've been debating between the 2.
The Intel build would look something like 10600k + something really bad like Gigabyte z490m and some mediocre 3600 ram like patriot viper 3600 cl 17 - all this would be close to 600$ in my country.

The AMD build would be something like 3600 + MSI b450 tomahawk + G skill trident z 3600 cl 16 - all this would be around 500$

I plan on overclocking everything as much as i can, cpu, memory timings.

I do not know if the Intel system is worth it at this point. With the worse parts and still 100$ over, with a mobo that i would probably need to stick a fan to the VRM, and ram that prob will not go below cl 15 and i would assume that secondaries, tertiaryes and all that will also end up worse.

From my estimation the tuned Amd build will equal the Intel stock build in fps, question now is, can i even OC the Intel build with that crap mobo and worse ram to a point where i would even get over 10% more fps for like over 100$ more?
Both have the same threads and cores but intel CPU has got abit more power to it since AMD one has max boost to 4,2 where intel one is 4.80ghz!
It's not exactly ideal to compare processors from different architectures by clock rates alone, since the amount of work each processor can do per-cycle can vary between them, making the clock rates by themselves somewhat meaningless. That Intel processor will be a bit faster at gaming though.

However, that's only if the graphics card can keep up. What graphics card is going into this system? And what resolution and refresh rate is your monitor? And do you care more about performance in graphically-demanding games at max settings, or in less-demanding "esports" titles? In many modern games at high settings, the performance difference between these processors won't amount to much unless you are pairing them with a rather high-end graphics card.

Another thing to consider is that a 10600K doesn't come with a stock cooler, so you would need a capable aftermarket cooler for it. The Ryzen 3600 includes a stock cooler, though an aftermarket model might be worth considering if you want something that runs somewhat cooler and quieter. Ryzen 3000 chips don't tend to have much room for overclocking though.
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