Question 1070 vs 2070 bottleneck help

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I would even suggest going to an AMD 5700XT (performs around the 2070 Super level) or the 5700 (performs around the 2060 Super or 2070 non-Super level) to save some money without losing performance, but it seems that in the UK on PCPartPicker there's still only the reference cooler designs.


updating the Bios is what im mostly afraid of messing up. originally i had AsRock B450 Pro 4 but read i needed to update the bios to support the R5.

From what ive read and seen im leaning more towards the amd setup
With that Flashback feature though you don't actually need to put a CPU in the motherboard for it to update so it's a nice feature to have. Just be sure to follow the video instructions perfectly.
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