1080 Graphics card not sending signal to both monitor displays? (no signal)


Jan 24, 2018
Hi friends i have the asus 1080 geforce gtx 8Gb and the intel icore i7 6700k @ 4.00ghz with 16 gb of corsair 3000rpm ram with a psu by thermaltake 600w. for my monitors i have a lg 27 inch 4k display and a acer 27 inch 144hrtz display. the lg is connected threw display port (slot 2) and the acer is connected in the hdmi (Slot 1). it doesnt always happen but sometimes when i turn my computer on it will boot up completely but the displays wont have any signal? both monbitors display tells me no signal accepted. once in a while one will display and other wont, reverse that to but the weird thing is all i do is restart the computer and both monitor will display after that??? kind of weird just wanted to see if there is a fix for this ty everyone.
Don't know about a fix, but I've had this happen. When it happens, usually one of the monitors doesn't come up, but it does after a reboot. I have played around quite a bit with the settings etc but I still don't have a solution. Very annoying when it occurs.

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