Question 1080 TI stuck in Windows boot with new nvidia drivers

Alex Shiva

Jul 14, 2017
Hi all. I have an AORUS GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce WB Xtreme Edition 11G. The problem with my videocard is that it doesn't work properly out of the box, it stutters in game, freezes games and sometimes even restarts my PC when i am doing nothing else than watching some youtube videos or other basic stuff on browsers. in games most of the time it creates a freezing sound and artifact during some moments where the graphic level is really high or stressful. then it shuts down or restarts the computer.

I have tried installing fresh windows, installing different drivers from Nvidia but nothing worked. also i cannot install the latest drivers because it gives me a black screen and impossibility to see anything. Even after a restart, if i tried to update a driver, it stucks itself during the bios image and doesn't boot into windows at all so the only solution is to go on safe mode, remove the drivers and install some older drivers which work. or use the on board GPU and unninstall the nvidia drivers with DDU then reinstall the ones that work. this is why i have found that i can use 417.22 and 417.35 and anything bellow that.

The only solution that makes the videocard work properly is to underclock it by maximum that the program allows it, with 400MHZ in Msi Afterburner, and also downclock the memory by maximum 500mhz. then the card works just fine, not always because sometimes it freezes in the beggining of the game, which makes me think that there is a hardware problem because the card doesnt want to work overclocked from factory, or the voltage is a problem.

I have a very powerful 1000mhz volts? EVGA source so that shouldn't be a problem. my system is also watercooled in a custom loop so the temperature is always around 30 degrees. so the only solution for me is to use MSI Afterburner and downclock it by 400 mhz. i only recently discovered this solution, up until now it made my life a living hell.

I have invested a lot of time and money into this project and i was hoping it to run perfect and smooth. i wanted to have the most expensive and powerful videocard at that moment but i was left very disappointed. can you suggest any permanent solution or the answer to what the problem might be? is it a faulty card?

I have read that sometimes the factory OC cards like mine, displays lots of issues to consumers. so my issue is that i cannot run the games without downclocking because they freeze or restart my pc and also i cannot run with any driver above 417.35 which is frustrating because sometimes they improve bugs and issues and also optimize newer games.
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Please include/list your specs like so:

Given how this is a watercooling build, you should also state the parts for your watercooling loop(including the pump).

You should also try and tear down the GPU's waterblock(in case it doesn't void your warranty, due to the sticker on one of the screws) to see if the thermal pads and block are making flush contact with the heatsource on the GPU/VRM's of GPU.

Latest BIOS update for your motherboard?



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