Question 120hz monitor problem

Jun 14, 2020
Hello! First of all my specs its an asus 531gt laptop my specs are:
  • i5-9300h
  • gtx1650
  • 16gb ram
  • 1000gb ssd
  • windows 10 home 64bit
  • 120hz monitor
Okay so my main problem is that if i play a game for example warframe and my fps drops from 120 to even 90 or below it starts to feel like im plying on 30 fps. If i cap my fps to 60 its like 30. I have made a custom profile for my monitor (60hz) it feels choppy as well. I would need a solution where if my framerate drops below 120 fps at games it would remain smooth or if i could cap my fps and hz to 60 while it remains smooth( and wouldnt feel like im playing on 30 fps). Of course i doesnt experience it with games such as league where i have stable 200+ fps. Please help thanks