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Oct 30, 2017
Would a EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER XC ULTRA GAMING, 8GB be good for 1440p or should i go 2070
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I have that exact card, and it will do fine at 1440p as long as your expectations are realistic. It's not going to do ultra settings at 1440p on any demanding titles and still maintain 60fps. Less demanding titles or dropping a few settings down will allow it to do fine at that resolution.

As you can see from that article, dropping settings or reducing the anti-alias should allow you to maintain 60fps on most titles at 1440p with the 2060 super. It pretty much goes head to head with the 2070, within a few FPS, for most titles. If you want Ultra settings at 60fps or higher, then you should consider the 2070 Super.


I haven't played GTA V since I got this card. I've only had it about a week. Here is what you can expect though from at least one site's review. Obviously there are going to be other variables such as how much memory you have, what CPU model, even the motherboard might play a role, overclocking, hardware lag, etc. But that should get you a pretty good idea at 1440p Ultra settings.

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I wouldn't pay more for the 2070, but if you can find a deal on the 2070 that puts them in roughly the same price range, then of course that makes somewhat more sense depending on the model. Keep in mind, these are stock figures we're talking about. Overclocked, the 2060 XC Ultra (Super) can probably equal or exceed the stock performance of the 2070.

The build looks good, except the CPU cooler. The 212 models can't reasonably offer adequate cooling performance for the 9700k. It's an entry level cooler. Technically, it could work, but it will suck. It's going to be right on the edge of acceptable performance, and it's going to be loud doing it.

I would look at better cooling options AND you will probably also want to look at options that result in having at minimum, two front intake fans, a rear exhaust fan and a top rear exhaust fan for the case cooling in addition to whatever cooler you go with UNLESS you decide to go with an AIO closed loop liquid cooler in which case that obviously will most probably take the place of two of those case fans, preferably in a front mounted arrangement if the case supports it which in this case, no pun intended, it does. Up to 360mm front radiator support.

If you do not wish to entertain the idea of liquid cooling, then I'd suggest something like the Thermalright Macho rev.B or Scythe Mugen 5 rev.B at the lower end of the scale as a minimum starting point and moving up to things like a bigger Noctua, Thermalright, Phanteks, Cryorig or Scythe twin finstack cooler.

Keep in mind as well, that when it comes to air coolers you will want to pay particular attention to whether the cooler is rearwards offset and whether there is a relief for memory clearance in the bottom of the front finstack on the heatsink so that the memory will clear because those particular memory modules are fairly tall at 51mm.