Dec 12, 2011
I have 2 hdd’s 1 Samsung hd322hj as storage and page file
And an hd103sj with 2 partitions one 119 GB win 7 64-bit and the other storage
What will be better keeping it this way?
Or os and games on the 322hj and extra storage + page file on the 103sj.
p.s I bought the hd103sj 2 week’s before the floods that was lucky.
Since the Samsung is only 320gb I would put the OS and games and apps on it and the other drive of 1tb use for storage that way you only have two drives and it's easier to keep track of.
Agree with inzone.

Keep It Simple: OS and programs on small drive. Data, Media, and Back ups on large drive. You can move the "libraries" to the large drive once you install the OS.

There are threads in here on how to do that. But it's as easy as drag and drop, or cut and paste!