2 Monitors 1 cup


Oct 1, 2010
Ok so I might have a strange one here.

I've got CF 6950's ok? What I was thinking about doing is...

Getting a second monitor, maybe an HDTV, 30" if this is possible. What I want to do is use the 27" Asus I have now as my main, just like it is atm. But I want to turn the second monitor(HDTV 30") into a TV with my cable box and a dual monitor at the same time, for desktop use, browsing etc while I'm in a game or something. And I want to be able to switch back and forth from TV/Desktop on the fly, maybe with the TV's remote or by hitting something on the desktop.

The HDTV will be only a few feet from my PC.

How would this be possible if possible? Can you tell I've never used more than 1 monitor :pt1cable:


Sep 28, 2011
Hey man, this is actually pretty simple, I use my HD TV as a second display all the time. I love it, especially for doing work because the fonts are nice and large so it's easy to read (unlike my Macbook Pro here :fou: ).

So basically most video cards these days have more than one output. Usually two but sometimes three. It's usually two DVI outs. What you can do is hook up one DVI port to your ASUS monitor and then use the other DVI port connected to your TV's HDMI. Usually you'll need some type of conversion, either a DVI-to-HDMI cable or one of those adapters that they sometimes give. A lot of video cards nowadays have an HDMI port built in, so that's even easier.

Your OS will automatically detect everything, you won't need to do anything besides go into the display preferences and adjust the positions of where the monitors are located. The OS obviously has no idea where they are relative to each other so you'll need to do that yourself.

That's it. You should then have extended displays. Then you can just use your remote control to change input sources whenever you need to.

Hope this has helped. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

Andy H.