Question 205.5 degree PCH temperature

Mar 5, 2019
Because I have a broken brain, I decided I should put together a new PC from scratch recently, despite my inexperience.

Here's the build.
The missing video card is a GeForce GTX 1080 that was transplanted from my old computer to this new one.

I don't think I screwed up too bad. PC seems to run more or less fine, but there is a problem, circled in green:

205.5 degrees Celsius. Now I realize that SIV probably isn't the most reliable tool ever, but I'm still a bit nervous; I can hear a very faint, almost inaudible beeping noise coming from my case every now and then, and I don't know if it's connected to the 205.5 C temperature reading.

I've tried a number of other temperature readers such as CoreTemp and SpeedFan, among others. None even show this "CTS PCH Z390" sensor at all. Temperatures also seem to be acceptable across the board, and a cheap pyrometer didn't find anything out of the ordinary on the motherboard itself.

Can I just write this off as a software/sensor error? The PC's been running for quite a while without any major problems. I'd just like to get a second opinion before treating this as a mere glitch.

edit: restarting SIV made the sensor and the temperature entries disappear altogether. Glitch? Sensor melted down?
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