Question 2070 RTX Overclock - Feedback Needed

Apr 22, 2019
Hey guys.

I wanted to get some feedback and guidance on my overclock for my Asus Strix 2070 RTX, and hope that some of you can help me :)

I messed around with it alot the last few days, and ended up getting these results which seem stable so far (4 days in & no crashes nor artifacts)

Voltage Core: 0%
Power Limit: 125%
Temp. Limit: 88c (max)
Core Clock: +140
Memory Clock: +600
Max Boost Clock: 2085
Max Voltage: 1.050v
Max Temp. Under Load: 65c
Max Fan Speed: 75%

Under max load or 99-100% GPU usage it runs 2085MHz & 7600MHz stable in games, 3D Mark Fire Strike & TimeSpy, MSI Kombustor & Heaven.

First of all, what is your thoughts on this overclock of my Asus Strix 2070 RTX ??

Secondly, i tryid to get some more juice out of it. But as soon as i increase clock or memory it will start crashing. I then thought about changing the Core Voltage % slider, but when i did that, it started to crash.
I then tryid to mess around with the voltage curve, without any success.
I did some research on the Voltages with the RTX series, and came to the conclusion, that most people don't have any success, getting any extra juice by changing the Core Voltage % slider.
What is your thoughts / opinions on this subject?

I hope this wasn't to much at once, and i hope some experienced oc guru's want to give some feedback & guidance.
It is very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Katulen - OC Newbie
Apr 22, 2019
the voltage slider is a lie, pretty sure no one knows what it really does.
Yeah so i figured, since nothing rly happened when applied.

Do you have any thoughts on my current oc tho?
Bad, decent or good.

Can't seem to find much information, how good overclock people can get on this 2070, therefor my curiousity.



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