Question 2080 super I7-9700k dropping fps in league from ~300 to 80-90


1)'Missing' gpu and ssd.
That pops up when a part fails it's section of the benchmark. In this case, the gpu and ssd failed their portions for some reason.
When anything appears as 'missing' like that, the entire benchmark is invalidated, noted by the 3 incompletes near the top of the page.

2)Ram in use was high during the benchmark. Affects benchmark accuracy.
There were 19GBs free out of 32. It should've been closer to 26GBs.

3)Background cpu activity was high at 42%. Ideally should be 10% or lower for better benchmark accuracy.

4)9700K: Base clock 3.6 GHz, turbo 4.5 GHz (avg)
This cpu's default for all cores is 4.7ghz. That's 200mhz lower. Thermal throttling :unsure:, or something preset by Dell; they may do that with a cheap mobo that can't handle the full capability of the cpu.

5)Gpu. Crashed during the benchmark as already mentioned.

6)SSD. Ok, I see now. It's just too full.
Ideally should be under 80% of max capacity.

7)Ram. Not installed in slots 2 and 4? Unsure beyond that.

Others may chime in for solutions. I was just interpreting some of the info from the link.
You should include the make and model of the psu so it can be looked up and determined if it's any good or not.
Nov 2, 2022
Ok its an Alienware Aurora R8 it has default psu so 850W? I also replaced the thermal paste of the CPU that's why I said CPU temp shouldn't be an issue. I have 2 ram sticks in 1 and 2 just 3 and 4 are open. I had league running in the bg so probs why ram wasn't fully unused. SSD I have like 95% used so should probably clear some stuff off my PC. CPU same thing as ram should have league closed. Here I ran it again with everything closed Still have the same issues with league even if I end any user sided bg processes curious as to see why it is like this.