Question 2nd NVME m.2 ssd problem in Asus zephyrus m16 laptop

Sep 29, 2022
I recently bought Asus zephyrus m16 laptop and installed 2nd nvme ssd ( seagate fire cuda 530 1tb). The problem it keeps on disappearing after some time mostly when i was installing a game. I updated bios and drivers and what not still no use. I've checked ssd with different softwares and it shows there is no fault with ssd. I'm using windows 11 all updated. when i was installing game i noticed that two time the temperature of ssd reached 71C and 77C (as per hard disk sentinel software). I also tried disconnecting and reconnecting 2nd ssd but still the problem persists. Does any one have idea how to deal with this? some other person is also facing the same issue.