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Mar 26, 2016
I bought a TP Link Ax1800 wifi 6 router tp link and use it as my primary router. I am using my Dlink ac1750 as my 2nd router dlink. I have followed this video to connect both routers under the same network
. An additional step i did was disable DNS Relay on my dlink router from the admin page. When I do a speed test on my 2nd dlink router connected to ethernet, I get 210 mbps, while my 1st router connected to ethernet on my laptop gets 490 mbps. I am on a Gigabit internet plan. Both cables i tested using a Cat5e cable, Any ideas to improve the speed on my 2nd router ethernet connection? I have my PC connected to my 2nd router by ethernet and would like it to be the highest priority device as it consumes the most bandwidth. Additionally, I disabled QOS on both routers.
I can't waste 10 minutes watching what they told you to do in that video, but if the gist of it wasn't to turn off the dhcp server and assign an IP address to the dlink and connect them lan to lan, then that's the problem.


To follow up on @SamirD's post.

Video (as I was best able to follow):

Note, I normally do not watch many Youtube videos either. However, I was interested in something else. Plus, seeing the main router Netgear still wrapped in a plastic bag almost made me not watch. Just had to see if the bag got removed.]

Turn off DHCP server = "Check"
Assign Static IP Address = "Check"
LAN Port to LAN port cable = "Check"

And your connection path is (line diagram):

ISP ----> Modem --- Ethernet Cat 5e---->[WAN Port] TPLink Router [LAN Port] --- Ethernet Cat 5e --- > [LAN Port] DLink Router

Edit and correct my line diagram as necessary.

What IP addresses are being used by your TPLink router and the DLink router?

Are you certain that you changed the TP Link's DHCP IP address range to exclude the IP address assigned to the DLink Router?

All too easy to forget to save any such changes....

Also: What was your reason for disabling DNS Relay?

There may be reasons for doing so (or for your doing so) but I am not sure.


Do a factory reset on the DLink router, reconfigure as before but do not disable DNS relay or change QoS configuration settings or any other changes you may have made.

Try other known working (at speed) Cat 5e cables for the connection between the two routers and between the DLink router and your PC.
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