Question 2nd wireless wifi do not work work

Dec 16, 2020
i hooked up to modems one is normaly connected to dsl and the other is connected to the first by wan.
i can connect to the both of them first works perfectily fine but the second one have no internet but i can still conect to it by lan from my pc and it works i do not know what to do help
Why do you want 2 routers.

My guess is both routers are using the same range of ip on the lan. The second router will not work if the wan and lan are are the same subnet.

In general unless you have a very good reason to have 2 routers you want to run the second router as a AP if your goal is to just extend the wifi.


other is connected to the first by wan.
This is a double NAT configuration. It should work, but you'll have issues with game servers and web pages due to being behind two network translation IP addresses.

To do this properly, the 2nd router needs to be set to access point mode(if it has that setting), this will disable the DHCP and make it get addresses from the main router. Then plug an ethernet cable from the 4 port switch of the main router to the 4 port switch of the secondary wifi access point.