Question 34" or 29" ultra wide monitor with 2560*1080 resolution ? ?

Jan 13, 2020
So I want to buy an ultra wide monitor for reading , browsing and coding (Won't be playing any games) . I researched a bit and found out that a 34" ultra wide has a 82 PPI whereas a 29" ultra wide has a 96 PPI and is more suitable for reading stuff . Since I want to have a bigger screen , am I compromising with the display (esp with the job I want to use it for ) if I buy a 34" , or should I buy the 29" ? Is the difference (in PPI) very noticeable or something that can be worked with ?
My options are :
  1. 34" :
  2. 29" :
The 29" has an inbuilt speaker , USB c connectivity , whereas the 34" has no such facilities except the addition in size .

I am going to use it as an external display , connected to my laptop (windows 10 , core i5, Nvidia Mx 130 , 16gb optane memory, 8gb ram, 1 Tb HDD , 1920*1080 resolution)

Which out of the two should I buy ?
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To be honest at those sizes I’d want a higher resolution. Your PPI is close to 1080p 27 inch which I have tried and unfortunately have a 2nd monitor with that resolution and size and dislike it. Text is just not sharp to the point I find it annoying. For games and video it is fine but for text it is bad in my opinion.
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