Question 3600 C14 vs 4133 C19

Aug 23, 2019
Which one would you buy since they are both similar in price?
Which one is faster? I'm guessing 4133 C19 would be bit faster.
Would the difference between two be noticeable?

This one seems to be fastest G.Skill 3600 RAM (3600 14-15-15-35 1.40v)
vs this G.Skill 4133 RAM (4133 19-19-19-39 1.35v)


Depends on the system.
For Intel system, I'd get the 4133 - but your specific cpu's internal memory controller needs to be capable of running at such a high speed!
Some - 9900K, for example - can run it, others can't without making adjustments(lower cpu OC, or increase voltages, etc) elsewhere, and some simply aren't able to.

On Ryzen though, the 3600mhz kit.

Unlike Ryzen, which has an ideal performance range between 3200 - 3600(3000 if budget is really tight), for Intel, ever since the launch of 6th gen Skylake, performance continues to scale up in memory with faster memory kits.
The gains from, say, 3600-4133 is smaller than 2666-3200, but a plus is a plus.

Such a high speed kit hurts wallets, though. If it goes on sale for a good price, I'd grab one.
General rule of memory, frequency > CL.
That CL of 19 isn't great and is part of the reason why the upwards scaling diminishes on those Intel cpus with each faster kit, but the difference in latency between CL 19 and something like CL 16 is in the friggin miliseconds! You won't notice that, only the benchmarks will!

Besides, you could always learn to tweak the timings and voltages yourself later on and get more performance out of it... although I've heard tweaking memory is a much bigger PITA than OC'ing cpus and gpus.
So probably better to just snap it in, XMP, and go on about your business.