Question 3600 Memory fails to run

Oct 1, 2020
Hi, I just wanna say that I am new to Ryzen so if the answer is something easy I am sorry. I bought a kit of vengence lpx at 3600. After I went in the bios to enable docp for it to run, it would not start saying “your memory settings have been reset due to fail to boot”. I have yet to try to adjust voltage but I don’t want to do that a less I have to.
-Ryzen 5 2600
-Corsair Vengence LPX 16gb 3600
-ASUS B450-f gaming

edit: It can go up to 2800 without blue screening or getting that error
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With a 2600 the best you can hope for is 3200-3400, 3200 is the officially supported speed for that CPU/MB.
I had my 3200 RAM up to 3400 on BIOS 1201 on my 2600/B450-F rig.
I updated the BIOS to version 2901 to test a 3700x and when I put the 2600 back in the RAM would only run at 3200.

So if you are using any BIOS newer than 1201 with that 2600 you might never get it to even run at 3200.
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You have a kit of OC RAM at 3600MHz and there is no DOCP profile as 3600MHz is beyond the JDEC standard.
To achieve the rated frequency of your RAM will involve changing the Timings SPD manually in Bios and upping DRAM voltage to suit. You can obtain the SPD values from the Tools menu in Bios or from CPUz in Windows.

With OC RAM it is not plug and play and no guarantee you will reach their rated frequency. It will depend on the strength of the IMC (Integrated Memory Controller)


Mar 14, 2005
You should download Dram Calculator and Thaiphoon burner and manually put in all the bios timing and voltage values(there are tutorials on youtube). I have a 2600x with 3600 memory on a B450 motherboard, but it only run stable up to 3333(3400 is almost stable). Most 2600 cpu's on a b450 motherboard should handle overclocks between 3200 and 3400.
He mite be able to with some manual settings like I did on a rog strix x470 f gaming running a 2600x and some
G.gkill Trident Z Royal Gold 2x8 16gb
3600 cl16 16 16 36 1.35v

Docp 3600 may have to play on / off
Frequency 3600
1.45v but find out what the max safe voltage is for your ram !!!!!!
Manually enter the first main timings
(16 16 16 36 with my ram )
What ever you timings enter them

All rest Auto

Cmd rate T1
Proc 60
Rtt_nom off
Rtt_park dynamic off
Rtt_wr Auto

Then test using Aid64, p95, Asus Realbench Stress test using 1/2 the amount of your ram.
8gb -4
16gb - 8 and run 4 - 8 hrs test.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!

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