Question 4:3 microled TV in 2021?


Oct 11, 2009
Is there finally a chance for us vintage movie and TV show fans to enjoy 1.33:1 content the way it was meant to be seen.

Really??? Does this mean that I can have a TV with OLED's kickass contrast ratio and black level range but where the screen panels can be physically configured for viewing my large collection of 1.33:1 aspect ratio content in full screen with no vertical black bars?

IF yes, you can bet that lots of cinephiles will dedicated a room for using a 4:3 microled TV, while they enjoy 1.85:1 and similar content on their 16:9 TV in another room. Will this finally happen in 2021?

But if yes will microleds be exclusively 8K TVs, which would be virtually useless and needlessly costly for DVD and 1080p BD collections like mine?

And what available sizes will there be? ~ 48”, 50”? Hopefully, not only in sizes larger than 55”. If yes, then unless the TV were placed practically on the floor the center of the screen would be well above axis of the eyes of most viewers in most room sizes.

And who would do the actual microled panel configuring for displaying the chosen aspect ratio? Does the user have to special order it or would it an in-home DIY set up?

How soon might a ~ 52” 4:3 configurable 1080p or 4K microled TV hit the market?