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Question 4 pin cpu connector causing boot loop


Nov 18, 2013
Hello everyone, recently my computer went into a boot loop where the system would not post anymore so I removed all components and took out the motherboard for a cardboard test incase something was shortening out and while testing the system kept boot looping unless I remove the 4 pin cpu connector then it would stay on until I turn it off. The CPU appears to be receiving power because it got a little hot during the testing.

I tried doing paperclip test and the PSU ran fine, I tried different ram sticks, same issue, different gpu, same issue, but I don't have an alternative cpu or motherboard to test with so what could be the problem? The CPU pins are fine, no bents whatsoever, no burnt capacitors on the mobo as well. Doing bios reset achieved nothing, removed and replaced mobo battery as well. I don't have a local repair shop near me and I need to be certain which component is failing but it's very difficult when it could be anything.

I have very humble components...

i5 2500 sandy Bridge cpu
Asus H61m-k motherboard
Corsair H61 liquid cooler
Nvidia gt 1030 gpu
Entry level Aerocool 650w PSU
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May 19, 2020
Even if the PSU is paperclip starting it doesn't mean it runs fine... as far as you're explaining it, might be either the PSU or the mobo...
Try different PSU (maybe from a friend), and after that you have to try and find mobo.
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