400v power surge blew up my psu and i need help to find out if it could've damaged some of my other components as well

Mar 26, 2018
hey guys i need some help. A while back a 400v power surge came through our house and blew up all the phone chargers, power plugs almost everything that had electricity. So i was watching a movie on my pc and then BOOM sparks and thick smoke come out of my PC's power supply. I want to repair it now i miss my pc but it doesn't power on at all nothing, its dead so i'm wondering if its just the power supply that's fried or some of the other components too.

My PC components
Cpu: Intel Core i5 4460 3.2ghz
Motherboard: MSI H97 Gaming 3
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB
Ram: Kingston HyperX Fury series 2x 4GB DDR3
Gpu: Gigabyte Gtx 960 4gb
Psu: Corsair CX600M

If its just the psu thats fried which psu do u recommend i get for my system?


That unit is the worst of it's kind and shouldn't be anywhere near a computer. To answer your question, simply, you will need a reliable PSU that is know to deliver more power than your entire system needs, is built of robust quality and I'm sure you can borrow one from your neighbor or take the system to a local PC repair shop and see if the system powers up.

I'd suggest picking up a PSU that is as close to Tier 1 as possible and is 550-650W.


Question from john369 : "400v power surge blew up my power supply need help to find out if something else also is fried and what to do"


The PSU list is way out of date any of these would be good choices.

As far as damage to other parts you cant tell till you get a working PSU.

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