480 rad or two 240 rads?

The air temperature before and after it passes through the radiator is almost the same; it's not the magnitude of heat transferred that cools the WC system (i.e. how much), but rather the speed at which the heat is transferred to the air (i.e. how often, or in this case how fast [in CFM]). Plus, the temperature of the block on the component side is much greater than the air temperature inside, so heat would naturally progress either to the air, or in this case the fluid.

A set up with a better airflow pattern will always cool better because it is more efficient. I personally think matvey has the right idea with the air moving from front to back, because it's a natural flow. Rubix_1011 (one of the gurus in the WC section, which I would suggest you visit if you need more info) and I were discussing this in a thread over in the WC section which I can't find.


Dec 18, 2010
While your idea is sound, I must pose the question as to whether or not you can fit a rad+fans in between the front panel and the drive cage. A buddy of mine has that case and I don't recall there being alot of space...


Dec 18, 2009
A have a lot of space in the front i can fit 240 rad dvd-rom one hard drive and 2 ssd and on the top i did cut a space for 240 rad. Please can somebody answr me if my 240 rads will be the same as quad rad in performans?

Two good 240s should equal a 480 in performance. Again, the WC section is more appropriate.