4870x2 help.


Aug 18, 2009
So i've had my 4870x2 since about this last Christmas, and up till now i haven't had an issue with it. My problem is when i run a game like call of duty world at war, i use to be able to run it at 1680 x 1050(which is max for my monitor) but now when i select that resolution the game blacks out the screen and i have to run it at the next lowest wide screen resolution. Upon exiting the game my desktop resolution has been changed to 800x600 and wont go to the max of 1680x1050 where it was before the game started. It will let me select every other resolution but 1680x1050. This problem has occurred with multiple games i play. Although i've noticed that Left for Dead does not trigger this problem. Has anyone else dealt with this annoying problem? Or know what i should check to fix it.



way way wayyyyy back in the day i had that problem with my voodoo3... turns out i had to re-seat the card.. dunno.