Question 4K TV loses signal when I turn off main monitor

Aug 11, 2023
To give more info into my situation, here's my setup:
-Gaming PC (RTX 3060ti) is connected to two monitors and a 4K TV
-Main monitor is 2k 165Hz connected to DP Port by a DP cable
-2nd Monitor 1080p 60Hz connected to DP Port by a DVI cable into a DVI-DP adapter
-Hisense U8GK (in 1080p resolution) connected to DP Port with a 5m(?) HDMI cable into a DP adapter

I am having an odd issue at the moment in which my TV will lose signal if I power off my main monitor. I have tried connecting the TV with a HDMI to DP adapter to a DP port and also just by plugging into the HDMI port but the same thing still happen. I also want to add that this issue did not happen with my old Samsung 1080p TV when using the same HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the GPU.

Settings/Things I have tried to change:
-Plugging HDMI cable into the HDMI port of my GPU
-Plugging into the eARC HDMI port
-Changing the resolution to a lower one does not fix the issue
-Disabling CEC in TV settings
-TV has two settings in HDMI Format (Standard and Enhanced), I have tried switching between both and it does nothing

Another thing maybe worth mentioning:
-Changing refresh rate to any higher than 60Hz results in loss of signal regardless whether the main monitor is on or not
- Same goes if I try to go above 1080p resolution
-If I duplicate my main monitor with my TV on display settings, the TV loses signal (This is the setup that I used with my old TV, which worked just fine even if I turned off my main monitor)
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You may want to try and run DDU and then remove all GPU drivers from your platform, then manually reinstall the latest GPU drivers from Nvidia's support site, in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Adminstrator.