[SOLVED] 5 3600 cpu problem

Apr 21, 2022
Hello i have a problem with my new cpu (5 3600) ive installed this cpu with the cooler, it started up all good but then i got this message:

New CPU installed, fTPM NV corrupted or fTPM NV structure changed

Press Y to reset fTPM, if you have BitLocker or encryption enabled, the system will not boot without a recovery key

Press N to keep previous fTPM record and continue system boot, fTPM will NOT enable in new CPU, you can swap back to the old CPU to recover TPM related Keys and data

The problem is that when i press either of these i get a “Usb over current error shutting down in 15sec”
When i switch back to my old cpu i have no problem and it boots into windows 10.
There is no damage that i can see on the motherboard or cpu
I also have the latest bios for my motherboard
My specs are :
1660 super gaming x
A320m pro vh-plus
Cooler master MWE 230v 500w
8gb ram

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated
Sounds like you are running windows 11
Reinstall old CPU.
Boot computer.
Copy down your fTPM security key..
Shut down.
Change CPU.
Boot up and enter key at this window.
Apr 21, 2022
Hey sorry for taking a while to reply, but at the time i had the cpu i didnt have windows 11 installed just windows 10, i sent the cpu back and got my money back. Now im just trying to get a cpu that i know for sure works with my motherboard, but anyways thanks for your help