Aug 30, 2021
Hey guys my pc takes 5 minutes to boot and when im in windows the task manager shows 100% on all my 3 drives.
i got a new ssd and new ram and that didnt fix it.
i fresh installed windows 2 times allready.
i guess its my motherboard then? i tested my ram on the other 2 ram slots and the pc still has this issue.
After removing the ram and installing it again it also works again dont know what to do anymore.
my first ssd also wont show the smart stats on the crucial programm but only running the new ssd didnt help either
my specs
rtx 2080
ryzen 7 2700x
asus primr x370 pro
2x 8gb ddr 3200mhz
2x crucial mx 500 500gb
1 tb hdd