51% Would Rather Have Laptop Instead of an iPad

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Sep 14, 2005
Hmmm.... Here in AUS it is April 1st. Somehow seems appropriate for the crapple fanbois posting here. No one has seen this device, it isn't even available yet, yet there seem to be many people that already know just what this device can / will do. Personally, I have owned tablets before. There limitations relegated them to the junk pile in rather short order, and made me regret their purchase.

So to all of the April Fools, get back to me in nine months and tell me that the device totally met your expectations.


Haha. I have never seen so many emotionally driven non educated comments.
I used to be anti apple, reason cost, and video game availability, in reality, but at the time
I couldn't put my finger on it.

My first computer was an 8088 and my first Gui was via BBS sw , 1988-1989 ish.
My first apple computer was OS 6 or 7. With a not to hot motorola chip. Still not impressed, quite honestly.
I did Tech support for one of the first CDR SW companies which supported Mac, Windows, and 5 unix versions.
When the "windows Support line" lit up everyone would take a break and I usually took that call.
I can honestly say my distaste for windows, and the non technical users of it, started around this time.

I feel as though all of the users have reappeared to comment on this article.

The best part of Apple is they have decided not to worry about these folks, let them go away, please. Too much unintelligence and noise. I would never have thought a comment like this would come out of me ,but there you have it.
Enjoy the actually available atom based processor and it's glorious slates. And don't get an iPad because it will certainly flip you into a seizure as your brain tries to understand how this could be.

By the way I have purchased windows 7, 10.6.2, the iPad, i7 iMac ,MBPro, an HP Tower, and an iPhone this year, and am waiting for the LG android which I'm excited about as well. Also I was able to sell my 1 year old Apple products for 10-20 percent less than a comparable purchase, and literally cannot sell my windows machines as price of shipping makes it a gray bears donation.
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