560 TI SLI???



Hello :)

Im upgrading my mobo friday to i can have SLI :)

I already have a EVGA 560 TI FPB

and im looking to buy a PNY 560 TI

Both clock speed are the same ;) 850Mhz

What sort of fps will i be hitting?

on one 560ti i get

metro MAXED OUT 20Fps

Call of duty 4 MAXED OUT 250+fps

Call of duty blackops MAXED OUT 200+fps

Css MAXED OUT ^^ (lol) capped at 300 (300fps)

dirt 3 MAXED OUT 59fps

mafia 2 MAXED OUT 30fps

What sort of fps will i be hitting with two 560ti?

What sort of fps will be be hitting in new Bf3/mw3 =]




Sep 12, 2011
I remember reading about BF3. Some exec at EA said that a GTX 580 will run this game well at MEDIUM settings. And judging from my experience with Battlefield 2, I believe that.

2 x 560 Ti outpace a single GTX 580.

Look at this mess of a video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDDfPxF3EFE

To me, that doesn't look like something just any GPU will handle. That really IS a Battlefield. You aren't just chucking tomahawks here. There are grenades, planes, choppers, stinger missiles, tanks, Humvees and only God and EA know what else. There are 64 people on a map, the maps are huge and terrain varies greatly depending where you are on the map. It will be epic, and so will your energy bill.

With all settings maxed out, DX11 and enhanced texture enabled, Crysis 2 makes my unlocked, overclocked and overvolted HD 6950's in CF stutter. Battlefield 3 will bring these toys to their proverbial knees. I have no doubt in that.

I'm getting ready to invest in a pair of GTX 580's for my tripple monitor set up.

As a side note (and a rant), the 2GB of VRAM that people claimed was giving the HD 6970 the edge over a GTX 570 is without question absolute BS. Even thought the AMD cards sometimes get higher frame rates, the GTX xards still run the game smoother. No freaking stuttering or jumping screens. No blue screens or crashes. Nothing.

I had a 6970, 6950's, GTX 470's in SLI and GTX 570's in SLI. and i got videos and pictures to prove it. nVidia cards are way better the anything AMD got. The GTX 500 series is cooler, smoother and way more quiet then HD 69XX.