Question 5600x + 1030 or 5700g? ( same price )

Oct 18, 2021
Hello, currently upgrading my pc and im left with a dilemma.
i bought a 1440p monitor at 144hz and i mostly play league of legends competitively (got hdmi 2.0 so i can plug it into the mobo for a ryzen G and get 144 1440p) , and some single player games like sekiro and dark souls from time to time
currently my setup is :
r3 2200g oc on cpu and gpu
8gb 2993 cl18 (oc) ( i will upgrade to 3600 cl16 16 gigs)
no dedicated gpu

so basically im coming from a 1080p tn 144hz monitor, doing easily 144 at worst 120 fps in league , but now that im getting a 1440 im kinda worried of hitting that 144.
My idea was that the 5600x plus a 1030 would be faster since the l3 cache and slightly superior single core, but the 5700g also is a compelling option since the igpu is slightly better than the 1030.
mostly im concerned my 1030 wont be able to put up with the 1440 p and do worse than the 5700g even if the 5600x purely as CPU is superior ( in league)
cant really find any benchmark for my particular situation, just generic gaming ones where the 5700g igpu is better and since im on 1440 p and the load is more on the gpu i wonder if the 5700g would perform better than the 5600x cause of worse gpu.

If anyone has any idea.. thanks! ps . ill be throwing a gpu in when prices drop , like 1660 +
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5700g would be ideal if not planning on having dgpu but for purposes of eventually having dgpu upgrade then i would strongly suggest getting 5600x. Mainly because processor feeds gpu frames so gpu can only work as fast as the cpu can provide it. Instructions per clock from 5700g should handle most powerful graphics cards at the level of frames you're after albeit would be better off long term prepping with 5600x.

Easy to run (indie?) games, sure igpu/Gt1030 might get close to 144fps with low settings. Forget it with any more hardcore games.

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