Question 5600x / 3080 / 32GB 3200 ram - FPS dips accompanied by Low CPU / GPU usage ?


Nov 27, 2009
Hey All,

So I have been struggling with this for a while, and this behavior is a bit diff. in diff. games.


5600x CPU - at sock settings - XMP profile on for RAM @ 3200 - ReBar - ON / PBO set to Auto - Boosts to 4.65 no problem.
3080 Suprim X - slight OC on Core + 105 vram + 200 - stable no crashes, OC curve was set by MSI afterburner
32gb or Ram xmp on - confirmed dual channel
B550 Aorus Master - gpu runs on PCIe 4.0 x 16 confirmed
OS and games are on NVMe SSD
850W gold PSU Corssair i think? GPU confirmed taking 400+W it needs on load during 3d mark.

Newest BIOS / Chipset drivers / Latest Nvidia driver with B4B dlss support
Windows 10 Pro - 21h1 upto date
3d mark scores - overall at around 15600 , GPU _ 18500, CPU_8300 looks pretty average. All the usage during the run is fine.

Tried rebar on / off. same results basically.

Now what is blowing my mind is performance in some game, namely -

- FarCry4 / Hunt / Back 4 Blood. (they all behave the same)

So what happens is - when there is nothing going on, and frames are uncapped - I am getting are very decent - 180 - 200+ depending on the.
GPU is sitting at 90% and CPU is around 50-70%.

As soon as stuff starts happening - GPU usage will dip drastically down to 40-50% / CPU - 30-60% , the more that is going on the lower the frames and CPU and GPU usage.
I just assumed this is how it should be, but after everyone playing Back 4 blood saying it can run on a potato, I am thinking maybe there is something wrong with my rig.

I run the games at 1440p, Back 4 blood for example on epic settings (Max), and in a firefight it drops to 70 fps, and as soon as action is gone 280-320fps...
I usually do cap frames at 138, but those dips are just so annoying.

Some one suggested better CPU, I mean i can buy 5900x , but all the reviews are pointing to +5% increase from 5600x ... I am just not sure if i should be paying +500$ for this.

Sorry for the long post, if anyone can pitch in, what i might be able to check?