Question 5700 - xt issues still around?

May 27, 2020
Hi all

I am looking into buying a new graphics card, I only use it for PC exclusive games. The most demanding one being total warhammer 2. I have been looking at the Raedon 5700 xt for a while, ( not sure if you get the free games with them anymore though ) but see endless comments about them having problems and not working on arrival.

Anyone know if these cards still have issues. I am more of a console gamer, so not fanastic at PC hardware, so little nervous to spend £300 on one part which may not work.

I have a pre build nitro n50-600, i5 9400F, 16 gb of ram and a 500w PSU. I have been advised the PSU will need to be upgraded.

I am hoping to basically find something to play Total Warhammer on 1440p, im used to 60 frames from consoles of course, so I dont think i care about 140 frames a second.

Is it worth me buying one of AMD cards, hearing all these problems or wait??