5760x1080 single graphics card


Apr 3, 2015
I need a single gpu that is capable of getting the highest frames and eye candy for a simulation game called iracing. I'm running at 5760x1080, 60hrtz monitors. I'm stuck between getting the 290x or gtx 970. I'm not thinking the 980 because of the price and if I were to go that high in price I would get the r9 295x2. Iracing isn't very demanding but running at three screens it can be. I want the best experience I can get with 3 screens. I think I have numbered it down to the gtx 970 vs r9 290x 8gb xfx car. Any help? Other factors are my cpu which is a i5 3570k @ 3.2ghz (need to overclock) and I have a 600w thermaltake tr2 psu, that I'm going to upgrade anyways. Thanks for your help

Kitt Sue

Apr 8, 2015

There's more to it than pixels. Because of the ultra-wide setup, framerates can sometimes be worse than 4K because of the amount of things on-screen... even though it's less pixels, it's more processing that needs to be done since there are more objects on screen, which means more lighting, shadows, physics, tessellation, etc.

So it really varies from game to game and your setup... more CPU hungry games will be harder to run in multimonitor setups because that means more draw calls and more animations and whatnot. However with an i5-3570K, esp when its overclocked, that probably wont be an issue.

I'd go for R9 290X out of the two options since from googling it seems that iracing doesn't always play nice with nvidia surround. It should run pretty well perhaps not at max settings, but a user reportedly plays maxed out on 3x 1440P monitors with 2x R9 290Xs, so a single one should drive 3x 1080P displays pretty well.